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Texas Chainsaw Prop Replica “Chainsaw” Arrived!!

Here i have a Replica of the original Chainsaw used in the series. It has the trademark yellow paint, and blood spattered to hell. It has sound and moving chain for added realism. I saw this prop locally and couldn’t resist. Long live Leatherface!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for l@@king….Stay Tuned for more before the big day……

How can you make a fake chainsaw for a halloween costume?

I am making a halloween costume based on the character Ash from the Evil Dead Trilogy (hail to the Bruce, baby!). I have the leather belt straps, shirt, pants, severed hand, metal clamp, lots of fake blood and grey hair spray. However, I am having trouble finding a fake chainsaw that isn’t cheesy looking and not flat. I had an idea for the saw part, using cardboard and metallic paint as well as a cork screw handle for activator. Does anyone have any suggestions for the body of the chainsaw? Thanks in advance.

Reactions at The Texas Chainsaw Maze and The Sanitarium

Having fun filming reactions at The Texas Chainsaw Maze and the Sanitarium located at 1500 Elton St Houston TX 77034. Go to for more information on attractions, employment and discounts.

Is there really a man dressed up in the San Diego Haunted Hotel that chases you with a chainsaw?

I’ve read a few of things about a man dressed up in a scary costume holding a fake chainsaw at the Haunted Hotel, but is it really true? For anyone that’s been to the San Diego Haunted Hotel, what happens when he gets you? What if you don’t run or anything? Haha I just want to know what happens. Thanks! :)

Michael myers and texas chainsaw mask revew

Scary Halloween Sounds – Chainsaw Massacre

Just some fun sounds to play during the halloween season if you’re having a house party and need some sounds. Check out for our music!

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