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Would the regular careers of paranormal investigators influence your choice?

If you needed help, or, if you were watching a paranormal t.v. show, would your attention be drawn to the investigative personnel more if…

They were:

(A) College Students?
(B) Plumbers?
(C) Police Officers?
(D) All Walks of Life?
(E) It Doesnt Matter?

Why did you make this decision?

What Careers Invole Something Along The Lines Of?

what are careers involving any or all of the following
Studying the occult,
and/or cryptozoology : /

College degrees for careers in horror movie make up effects?

I’m currently a junior in high school but would like to have a career in FX and makeup for movies horror and sci-fi when I get older.
What degrees would I need to get and what can I do now?
ALSO what are some good colleges/trade schools for this profession?

What are careers that involve paranormal investigation?

I’m interested in the paranormal, like ghosts and spirits…does anybody know of any actual careers in this field that perhaps have degrees that can be obtained in a college or university?

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