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Ghost Caught on Tape – PART 5 – Real ghost video capture on camera 5

PART 5 – For several months my girlfriend and I heard noises coming from our kitchen during the night. Finally we set up a camera and got some pretty shocking footage! We think a man visits our kitchen and walks around aimlessly… Please watch our other videos and you decide. TAGS: ghost caught on video hd tape proof Real ghost pictures halloween haunted house videos camera security camera CCTV real surveillance film cam security funny really fake hunters ghost caught on tape hd camera fighting other ghosts paranormal activity poltergeist occult supernatural video capture finally real proof that they exist Paranormal activity scary scared thriller horror bone corpse death kill morbid cemetery demon vampire werewolf spirits ghouls graveyard graves fright

Evp Capture- Mum asking if i am happy

Mum passing on a message to me asking if i am happy.


A man’s voice… decide if it’s real. But even if it’s fake, it’s a good job of faking. :)

Must it be a film camera or a digital camera to hopefully capture ghosts?

People say that people can only see ghost in photos, but is it film cameras that can capture ghost or digital cameras?

Rainelle Hospital Audio Capture Part Three

The Third Installment of The EVP Work done at the Rainelle Hospital Building in Rainelle, WV.

Real ghost capture on tape!!!(scary)serbian ghost!!!

NOT FAKE!!!ghost cought in my room!!!!

Ghost Hunters s04e07 Amazing EVP Capture

Ghost Hunters check out the Mount Washington Hotel and captured amazing EVP’s in Room 314, the original room of Princess Caroline, owner and frequent visitor of the hotel. The EVPs appear to sound like the Princess, herself and the team carries a conversation with her. EVP Reveal is at 5:40 I uploaded the full quality version to my server if you want to see it:

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