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A Scary New Breed of Canine

Cryptozoologist, Ken Gerhard, investigates strange animal sightings in Texas. Paranatural: Chupacabra : TUE FEB 23 9P et/pt :

An unusual canine – clearer view

I must say that I’ve been surprised by the interest in the “Unusual Canine” video. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments that people have left on the original video. I didn’t realize how many people were into cryptozoology. Now that YouTube offers “high quality” videos, I thought I would post another version of the canine video. I don’t know if it will conclusively prove what this animal was, but it should add more information to the lively debate that has gone on about the animal. I’ve slowed down the playback and added a few still images to the video for all you cryptozoologists to study more carefully. Hopefully the compression artifacts have been reduced. Sorry, but I can’t do much about the camera “shake” – I was on maximum zoom while recording. If I had the chance to record the animal again, I would try to get closer rather zoom in so much.

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