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What is the recent horror film where 2 boys find a woman chained up in a cabin in the woods?

She may or may not be a zombie, I think they fight over her, they most likely take it in turns to use her… Creepy yes, but it’s plaguing me. Thanks in advance!

Would you stay in a vacation cabin that is supposedly haunted?

me and my husband have a chance to stay at this old log cabin along a mountain river that was built over 200 years ago. From the photos, it looks like the place is really cool and has great antiques. But it has a reputation of being haunted. Nothing “bad” has happened per se, but just weird stuff.

Would you stay at a place like this, or find something else?

Combat Arms: All about the new Map Cabin Fever

I don’t own this game or the music. Hey guys, this is my video about the new Map Cabin Fever, called ‚ÄěCombat Arms: All about Cabin Fever It’s a small map and you should be carefully. I hope I helped you a little bit with this video. Rate and comment pls. Songs: Sick Puppies Fly Dope Die Motherf**ker die Halloween Horror – Scary Sounds and Music and merry Christmas Tags:

Ghost Stories: Missouri Town Cabin

KMBC’s Larry Moore goes to Fleming Park in Jackson county to check out the mysterious goings-on in this ghost story from 1992.

Mikes cabin 1

This is the 1st installment of a house we went to to investigate paranormal activity…..Myself with my sister and a friend investigated this house in November of 2008 and caught moving Orbs and evp’s…We started the East Tennessee Paranormal Society in 2008 and we have went to a couple of places and have gotten moving Orbs and evp’s…We will post more as time allows and availability of evidence…

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