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What are some good horror or science fiction books?

What are some good horror or science fiction books for teen from 16 and above?

I’m looking for historical, mystery, and horror books to fill my free time during the school day?

I’m going to have a much lighter schedule in the coming weeks due to a semester course ending soon. Thus, I’m going to have a lot of free time during the school day and I’m in need of some reading to fill my time. I love history and horror/mystery books. Are there any classics that you could recommend to me in this genre? Thanks

What are the scariest, literal horror books you’ve ever read?

I’m interested in writing horror books and stories, however I feel I haven’t really read enough horror myself to really get the hang of the genre yet. What are some horror books that are seriously scary? A book like It (Stephen King) seems to overly long with to many flashbacks/etc. and subplots to seem scary. Any ideas? Also maybe I’m just not reading King’s best work.

What are some teen paranormal romance books?

I’m really interested in reading books of this genre. Could you name a few , give me a brief summary, and say you opinion? Thanks in advance!

Good Books about Folklore/Myths?

I’m really interested in folklore and mythology and cryptozoology. Does anyone out there know of any good books/websites where I can find information about them.

No Fiction books please, I just want informational books about the history of the myths etc.
Thanks in advance!

What horror books would you recommend?

I want to read something creepy, something that is bound to give you nightmares. What are some of the best horror novels out there?
goosebumps lol I’m going to read a couple of them just for the fun of it. Bring my inner 90’s child out.

Good Books on the Unexplained?

I am wondering if anyone could give me a title of a few good ADULT books on the unexplained whether it be ghosts or books to do with cryptozoology. I am not really looking for the scientific ins and outs of the material just some good stories based on “true-life” unexplained events! Thanks…

p.s. nothing exclusively about UFOs please not really my interest.

Do you think that the sci-fi and fantasy genre is being overwhelmed by paranormal romance books?

I can sort of see the cross over appeal for fantasy novels. But the sci-fi and horror sections seem like they are being taken over as well.
Does it make sense to shake up the categories a bit to separate out the romance elements?

What are some good fantasy books / horror books to read?

I’ve read comics for over a decade. I’m looking to dive into the realm of fantasy / horror books. Where is a good place to start / your favorite fantasy/horror books? Thanks!

Where can I find horror poems from published books online?

completely written/typed horror poems from published books that are online. The entire horror peom or short story including the title, the copy write, and the owner’s name.

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