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MonsterQuest Season 2 – Bonus Features (Bigfoot & Mermaids)

MonsterQuest Season 2 = bonus features includes Bigfoot & Mermaids.

Off The Beaten Path- Hazleton Paranormal Soceity Bonus Material

Here’s some bonus material from our ghost hunt at WYLN. First in the video is co-director of the Hazleton Paranormal Society Stephanie Bohn. Then you’ll meet investigator Edie Ann Leichtman and founder Rich Neely.

Bonus Footage: First Contact – UFO and Alien/EBE Animation

Produced by Active Entertainment Productions, Inc. Networks/Broadcasters Contact: Larry Landsman, Executive Producer 201.341.6476 Reality TV meets the X-Files in the new HD series First Contact. From UFO sightings to alien abductions, he’s the person responsible for adding realism and excitement to our reenactments. This special edition includes the amazing work of Scott White, First Contact’s animator and special effects expert with a knack for putting viewers on the edge of their seats. This is just a very small sample of his extraordinary work — highlights from episodes one and two. You can learn more about Scott and view additional samples of his work by visiting us at our Facebook Fan Page: Scott got his first taste — and feel in love with creating UFO and ET animations on youtube. That’s where the experimenting began — creating short SciFi/UFO videos under the channel name of manbird12000. After getting millions of hits on one of his very first UFO videos, he realized he had struck a nerve. This unbelievable response, and the support of thousands of incredible fans, led Scott to where he is today. Joining the First Contact team now gives him a front row seat to the action, and the opportunity to work directly with UFO eyewitnesses to capture an accurate, true-to-life representation of their experience. For White, ” it’s is a dream come true. ” In addition to pushing the reality factor for FC’s reenactments, Scott is also

Destination Truth Syfy Bonus Scenes

PROPERTY OF NBC UNIVERSAL AND SYFY.COM – NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED & NO PROFIT INCURRED FROM THIS FOOTAGE. Bonus clips from – these are some of my favorite clips and I wanted to share them with those who are geo-blocked from watching them outside the US.

Ghost Hunter Season 1: Bonus

I found a SD card in my parents stuff and look whats on it!!

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