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what are some paranormal games besides black cat scratch light as a feather stiff as a board the ouija board?

other paranormal games besides: black cat scratch, light as a feather stiff as a board, bending forks, the ouija board, and bloody Mary.

In Paranormal activity, why did Micah not even mention the weegee board setting on fire?

He talked about the thing moving, but totally disregarded the fire. Anyone have any information i may have missed?

Looking at 2 board games for my Halloween party, which one should I buy?

I’m trying to find a game for my adult Halloween party. I’m looking at the games “A Touch of Evil The Supernatural Game” and “Last Night on Earth The Zombie Game”. Both seemed to rate pretty high in the reviews that I’ve found. I looks like the Zombie game is 2-6 players and the Touch of Evil game is 2-8 players, although I’m not sure how many people will want to play. Anyone played these games that could give me their opinion?
not interested in a Ouija board, thanks

What were the scratches in the ouija board in the movie Paranormal Activity?

I know that the demon spelled out “diane” on the board but there were scratches on the board. What was that? A picture of something or ??

What was written on the oija board in the movie Paranormal Activity?

I would like to know what was written on the oija board.

What did the Ouija Board look like in the movie Paranormal Activity?

I apologize for cluttering up this section with yet another question involving the movie but I want to know about the Ouija Board not the movie itself.
I have already done an internet picture search and came up empty. I have not seen the movie and at first wanted to but so may questions about the movie has dominated the Paranormal section to the point I am sick of hearing about it and will not see it now. I assume it was not your average Parker Brothers Ouija Board you can buy at Toys R Us.

What was the word for the ouija board at paranormal activity?

I can’t figure out what was the word the demon made at that one scene when the board goes on fire

Awfully Haunted – Episode 4 – The Luigi Board

Joanna and Bam Bam do the Oujia Board to see who’s been haunting him

Has anyone withnessed paranormal activity when using a ouija board?

I’m curious if anyone saw something move without ones hand touching the moving obect. If you saw something move, when you were not near it, can you share your story?

Shooting at Florida School Board Meeting Gunman Opens Fire commits Suicide

Shooting at Florida School Board Meeting Gunman Opens Fire commits Suicide

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