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Most top You Tubers sit in front of a computer and make videos = I literally bust my ASS .. Shocking bloopers from “SCARY SNATCHSQUATCH VIDEO ” on BUTCHYKID624

RuneScape bloopers – Episode 1: Sick Of Dancing

Lol. At the end a dude joined in. It’s my first music video.

Bloopers from the Promo Video for NAPS

North American Paranormal Society tries to get through our 1st promo video for a contest. Enjoy!

Bloopers – Fact Or Faked – #1 Fans Video – We Are Your #1 Fans!

Bloopers from our Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files contest video that was announced on Twitter by Austin Porter. Enjoy! Took us a while to film our #1 fans video because I kept messing up! Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is a paranormal investigation television series produced by Base Productions that began airing July 15, 2010, on Syfy. The show follows a team of investigators, led by former FBI agent Ben Hansen, who review various videos and pictures of alleged paranormal activity. If a particular piece of evidence is deemed intriguing enough to warrant further investigation, they set out to recreate and explain the sighting. Visit the Fact or Faked website here: This video is dedicated to the Fact of Faked team Ben Hansen (Team Leader), Austin Porter (Stunt Expert), Bill Murphy (Lead Scientist), Larry Caughlan (Effects Specialist), Chi lan-Lieu (Photography Expert), and Jael Pardo (Journalist), and of course, us FANS! Follow the team on Twitter – @factorfaked @benhansen00 @austinrporter @billpmurphy @larrycaughlan @chilanlieu @Jaeldepardo Image found on Google. Created in Windows Movie Maker 7. Song: Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brookyln Created by Nate and Brittany Follow us on Twitter:

Ghost Tracker Crew Bloopers & Having Fun: Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House)

These are our outtakes from the produced to TV and live investigation of Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House) in St. Augustine on Aug 23, 2009. It’s always good to have fun as well. Be sure to check us out at or on Central Florida’s WRDQ 27/TV 27 on Wed., Sat., and Sun @ 2 AM

Paranormal state bloopers

Go bloopers – A Munch 2 Production

Psychic Bloopers!

Here are some of the bloopers from the psychic kids episode! Thank God for editing!

Bloopers, sound problems, and scary sounds.

There is no describing this.

Bloopers from our paranormal investigations.

No matter how haunted a location is, things can happen that are comical. Please enjoy the bloopers that occur on our paranormal investigations.

Norcal Bloopers

Bloopers and random footage from the Norcal Vlogs. Enjoy! … Norcal Bloopers Tryp89 Steffspms Randomness winchester mystery house ikea san jose adventures hot dog swedish meatball taco bell alcatraz taylors bart francisco fremont riverside cerritos gi joe skin care makeup hi chews pillows corn dogs sweet potato fries artist xanga facebook

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