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Rods\Skyfish – Best Collection – IMPRESSIVE ( ITALY February ~ August 2009) HD (watch the end)

IMPORTANT NOTE : (watch the end) – in each video was used the Slowmotion – I have waited to accumulate movies because I have just the trial version of movie style for use Slowmotion effect – In the 10° video the main subject is the reflection of a spider’s web (with passage of rods) – In the 11° video the main subject is a light that does not know what (down passage of Orb) – My opinion , rods are the material form of orbs

Best Halloween Games for a 4th grade party?

What are the very best games for the kids to have a great time?

what would be the best halloween costume to make?

so i dont have any money to buy a new halloween costume there for i gotta make it myself
anybody got any ideas???????

What are the best games to play for a halloween party?

There will be adults, teenagers, and little kids too.
There will also be a grill out and candy goo.
What would be the games you would reccomend for a party hullabaloo?

Who can make the best Halloween Costume Outfit?

This is kind of like a contest. I’m not sure what I want to be for Halloween.
Okay so the outfit should be cute(that’s a given). I might actually go out and buy the stuff for the outfit.So the outfit should about $50 and lower.
I don’t care about colors or how long or short anything is.
No store bought outfits. Best Answer to Cutest Outfit!
Thanks in advance!
oh i’m a girl.

Which simpsons treehouse of horror is the best?

I am looking for your opinion. if you like all of them list them in number order. make sure to say which treehouse of horror number it is. thanks
also which treehouse of horror includes the clips with Mr. Burns hunting homer and the other people who work at the power plant?

Who is the best horror movie villain?

Of the horror films which villain gets title of the the true bad-ass! I vote for Jason myself!

what is the best plot to have in a horror story?

i have to write a horror story, i just want to know what would interested readers the most, selective settings and characters, i want to make it really scary.

What Fantasy/Paranormal creature is the best?

~Just a fun little question~
So what Fantasy/Paranormal creature do you like the most? I don’t care weather you believe in them or not, just ones that you like the most. This can range from angels to faeries to vampires, it can really be anything :) hell it can even be santa claus. But try to go for the more creepier ones (like ghosts). And give your opinion about your favourite one, like if you’ve ever met one, and if you want to be one etc. :D

What is your best case example of a solution that seems paranormal and has no logical answers?

If you have 2 great…. but examples when science fails and intelligent people reviewing the data are left totally dumb founded. I can only vote for one…. so work hard to earn this one!

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