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Is it ok being different?

Ok pretty random thing to ask…lol
Is it ok being different? Like I think I am different from other people
Because I’m really shy and I like to keep things to myself and I don’t like to party or hanging out a lot
I’m a huge bookworm you can always find me reading a book
I love all the cryptozoology things
I believe there are some types of vampires out there (not like twilight ha-ha)
I HATE daylight… but I love the night
Well…there are a lot more of things but I don’t want to bore you guys
I don’t want to fit in because I love being who I am
I want to get a house in a forest or a open field because I love the outdoors
But… like is it ok to be different?

Do you think that the sci-fi and fantasy genre is being overwhelmed by paranormal romance books?

I can sort of see the cross over appeal for fantasy novels. But the sci-fi and horror sections seem like they are being taken over as well.
Does it make sense to shake up the categories a bit to separate out the romance elements?

Is it paranormal to hear your name being called or whispered?

I used to live in this old house in Cedar Rapids, IA when i was little and i remember i would always hear my name being either called from another room(the noise was muffled though) or i would hear it whispered almost as if it was in my own head but it was an unfamiliar voice.

What movies are being previewed under Paranormal Activity?

When you go to the movies, what movies do they have being previewed before they start teh actual PA2 movie.

What child, pre-teen, teen stars now can you see later on being in a horror movie?

With Emma Roberts, who was a young star in Nickelodeon’s “Unfabulous”, now being in “Scream 4”, I am curious to know what other young stars would later on be in horror flicks in the future. I want to know who other people can imagine be in a scary movie in the future that’s a young star now.

Is there something wrong being scared at seeing horror movies?

Because everytime i see some horror movies i get scared and my friends think theres somthing wrong with me being scared at it. So what do yall think?

Why do people like being scared? Why do people have such an interest in horror movies?

I am writing a report for a class, and my subject manner is why do people like horror? Why do they like to be scared?

What’s so funny about being a fan of horror movies?

I was talking to someone about movies and they asked what kind I like and I said I like all kinds but my favorite is horror and they just started laughing. What’s funny about being a fan of horror movies? I didn’t ask them since I didn’t want them to think I cared that they were laughing.

How To Help Spirits Without Being Tormented Psychic Sunshine Rose

“How To Help Spirits With Out Being Tormented” Psychic Studies — By Psychic Trance Medium Sunshine Rose Hello Dear Psychic Friend. Have you realized that you are a spirit communicator? You may be falling asleep at night, when all of the sudden you feel a cold chill. You turn your back to what ever it is that’s causing you to feel uncomfortable in beliefs that whatever it is, it will just go away, but instead you feel a prickle down your spine. It leaves you with a feeling that causes you to toss and turn, unable to sleep. Although you want to help these spirits, all you can think is “why is this happening to me?” Today I am going to help you with the necessary basic steps that will teach you how you can help these lost spirits, without being tormented by them. Step 1 Psychic Protection The first step in helping others, whither alive of dead, is helping your self. As I have said before, I will say it again, Learn Psychic Protection. Step 2 Contacting Your Guide Or Guides If you haven’t already made contact with your Spiritual Angelic Guides now is the time to do so. There are many ways to make initial contact with your Spiritual Guides. Here is just one simple contact meditation I came up with, that you can perform. Most Meditations or visualization that is based on contacting your Spiritual Guides all have the basic foundation guidelines. You can make the meditation any way you want, change any part to fit your own personal preference and remember that what ever you

What’s with all the animals being killed in horror films lately?

Is it just me, or have a LOT of horror films that have come out in the past couple years had an animal being brutally murdered in them? For example – drag me to hell, the collector, the last exorcism, etc.
Maybe I’m weird for being so upset when an animal dies in a film where a lot of people are being ripped to shreds, but still, it gets to me. Does anyone think this is becoming some sort of trend in Hollywood, as older films didn’t seem to have nearly as many animals dying as newer ones do?

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