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I am hosting an adult halloween party in my APARTMENT. Any fun ideas,redipes,games?

I have a keg ordered, test tube shots, jello shots,lots and lots of decorations…How about any food? Games? Any ideas that might be fun or interesting. The party is for about 20 adults ages 21-26

Chatham apartment paranormal investigation by CHAPS

CHAPS was invited to an apartment complex in Chatham Ontario, where the residents had claims of things moving, whispering in their ears, being touched among other things. After reviewing the video and audio files though CHAPS was not able to come up with any concrete evidence. A great investigation none the less.

Apartment 6 trailer

A young woman is terrorized by a foreign entity.

Strange Apartment EVP

During this interview, David and Steven were speaking to the client about her medications. There is a strange noise that occurs during the conversation that was not heard by either investigator until the digital recorder was played back. Great Lakes Area Spirit Society

Possesed apartment in Toronto, or some really strong wind!

no such thing as ghosts?

Hotel Apartment – Day 3

A vlog for my crazy, daily life and where it takes me… FIND ME AT… FACEBOOK – FAN PAGE – NING – TWITTER –

Top Korean model found hanged in Paris apartment – Daul Kim was just 20 years old

A TOP South Korean model has been found dead at her apartment in Paris, an official said today. Daul Kim, 20, was found dead today glenn beck destination truth elizabeth lambert timothy geithner arnold for governer tuesday with morrie ucla barack obama single ladies common interview uc regents chelsea handler cartoon net work al fondo hay sitio capitulo watc kim burrel chris spielman Hulk Hogan Attacked, Teacher Put Hit on 16-Year-Old Student

Phantom of The Apartment

Me messin’ with my crappy piano. I made this up in just a couple minutes. I do this a lot, but I hardly ever record any of it. I’m not a pro. You can actually hear me fuck up often. I do it for fun and some of the sounds l really like. I feel like I’m using twitter… Sending this from my supremely awesome NEXUS ONE, lol. Enjoy :D

What can I do about my haunted apartment?

The apartment I just moved into is haunted. There used to be a crazy old man who lived in it, and he apparently went so nuts that he killed himself. At night, I hear him shaking the dishes in my kitchen, and sometimes he turns the TV/stereo on and off. It’s freaking me out, I’m afraid to be in there, can somebody give me some advice?
Plus I live alone, so it makes it even more freaky.

My Apartment is Haunted!

Millikin University is one of the most haunted campuses in the nation. Decatur, Illinois is one of the most haunted cities. My apartment is just one example of the spooky goings on around here.

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