I am hosting an adult halloween party in my APARTMENT. Any fun ideas,redipes,games?

I have a keg ordered, test tube shots, jello shots,lots and lots of decorations…How about any food? Games? Any ideas that might be fun or interesting. The party is for about 20 adults ages 21-26

Chatham apartment paranormal investigation by CHAPS

CHAPS was invited to an apartment complex in Chatham Ontario, where the residents had claims of things moving, whispering in their ears, being touched among other things. After reviewing the video and audio files though CHAPS was not able to come up

Top Korean model found hanged in Paris apartment – Daul Kim was just 20 years old

A TOP South Korean model has been found dead at her apartment in Paris, an official said today. Daul Kim, 20, was found dead today www.mysinchew.com glenn beck destination truth elizabeth lambert timothy geithner arnold for governer tuesday with morrie ucla barack