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Does anyone have easy directions for how to make a rocket ship halloween costume?

My pre-schooler wants to be a rocket ship for halloween. I won’t let him change his mind, don’t worry, I know it’s early. I am picturing something made with white vinyl and black duct or electrical tape. I thought Family Fun had one, but they don’t. Any links or ideas?

Anyone now any good Adult games for my Halloween party tonight?

There will be a few children so nakedness won’t go over too well….:)

Anyone know of any good murder mystery games to play for a halloween party?

Last year we did The Immortal Murders-Costume Ball for the Immortals and had a really good time. This year we’d like to do something similar but am looking for some recommendations for something similar. We liked the fact that it was not a sit down game and that you could mingle with the guests while playing the game. We are looking for a game that would allow at least 10-12 people to play. Any ideas?

Can anyone interpret this dream?

Last night after looking up cryptozoology “study of weird animals” i went to bed. I had a dream where i was driving my moms car even though im 15 and everything was abandoned with flyers on walls saying “head to the safe zone” so i drive 20 miles to my friends house after a conversation about whats going on i hear moaning….so my friends mom even though they live in a trailer took me into a shelter.They had three handguns,10 big boxes of ammo, a few cots,food,and somehow a water fountain (the ones you drink out of). There was pounding on the celler door and my friend answered it and a zombie came at her and bit her my friends mom took a sawed off shotgun she had and shot its head off she then shockingly enough says “Sorry” and blows her head off no remorse at all.So then after staring at the body she says we have to go and we travel into the Adirondacks which we go to every year with them and some other friends. We go into my camp and wait upstairs,then all of a sudden a Zombie Like Black Bear jumps through the window and I fall 1 story onto the ground on my head.I wake up and my friends mom is dead with the bear next to her.I run into the woods with the shotgun and 3 zombies chase after me,I trip on a log and shoot which attracts more zombies and finally before i die i wake up.Whats this all about?

Anyone Have Any Idea What The Title Of This Book Is?

When I was in Junior High I read a book which would basically into into the category of cryptozoology. I remember that I found it extremely fascinating but I cannot remember the title of it for the life of me. I remember the particular copy I read had a hand drawn photo of the Jersey Devil on the cover, the contents covered an extensive list of accounts with supposedly unexplainable creatures. The Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Spring Heeled Jack, and even an account of an encounter with a Mastodon or Woolly Mammoth were recorded in the book. I would be grateful if anyone had any idea what I am referring to and could tell me what the book was.

does anyone know any good halloween childrens party games?

Good Halloween party games? Anyone know any?

can anyone tell me any really really fun and cool halloween party games?!?!? Please!?

I found this one game that was cool but i want more, help me out :)

Anyone have any Halloween party game ideas for kids age 12 &13?

We need fun ideas that boys & girls will be interested in. We live in New York so the weather is unpredictable in October so if you have any ideas for games that would work indoors as well as out would be especially helpful. Thank you!

Anyone have any good horror film plot ideas?

I’m having to write a script for a horror film & i hate anything that deals with suspense, so I’m coming up with nothing :\ help?

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