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Zombie Dream after asking and answering zombie questions?

Last night after looking up cryptozoology “study of weird animals” i went to bed. I had a dream where i was driving my moms car even though im 15 and everything was abandoned with flyers on walls saying “head to the safe zone” so i drive 20 miles to my friends house after a conversation about whats going on i hear moaning….so my friends mom even though they live in a trailer took me into a shelter.They had three handguns,10 big boxes of ammo, a few cots,food,and somehow a water fountain (the ones you drink out of). There was pounding on the celler door and my friend answered it and a zombie came at her and bit her my friends mom took a sawed off shotgun she had and shot its head off she then shockingly enough says “Sorry” and blows her head off no remorse at all.So then after staring at the body she says we have to go and we travel into the Adirondacks which we go to every year with them and some other friends. We go into my camp and wait upstairs,then all of a sudden a Zombie Like Black Bear jumps through the window and I fall 1 story onto the ground on my head.I wake up and my friends mom is dead with the bear next to her.I run into the woods with the shotgun and 3 zombies chase after me,I trip on a log and shoot which attracts more zombies and finally before i die i wake up.Whats this all about?

When answering paranormal questions do the believers ever consider mental Illness?

Many questions I see it is evident the asker may need help, but the only ones who give them advise to seek help seem to be the skeptics. Why is this?

Inhuman Automated Answering Service (Humor)

A few years back, I had to make several phone calls in a single afternoon that led me to several answering services when all I needed was a customer service representative. The ordeal inspired me to create this parody in which an old man spends what seems like forever on the phone with an automated telephone answering service. (One of the many spoofs we did over the years) Other spoofs we did… Hauntings & Sightings Suzy’s Lemonade Stand Drive-Thru Chaos MySpace Depression Disorder The Socialist Borg

EVP Answering Machine

Recorded a message on an answering machine listened to message and found this EVP not 100% sure on what is said would be good if you could comment me on this thank you

The AUTOMATIC CONFESSIONAL answering machine project microcassette fluxus lo-fi noise dada

Call the Automatic Confessional answering machine at 352-336-7915 and leave a one minute message of any words, thoughts, sounds, and noises. Anybody and everybody can participate! Leave as many messages as you want. Download the Automatic Confessional tapes at — WARNING: The answering machine tapes will be published online and will be available to the public. You are entirely responsible for the content of your messages. Think twice before you leave a message which may be personally embarrassing or compromising to you or someone else or which is slanderous, libelous, inflammatory, or hateful. Once I publish the tapes on the Internet the sounds you make in your message will be able to be heard by anyone forever. I will not remove your message from the tape – do not ask me to do so. You have been warned. Any regrets will be yours — not mine. — This project is in no way connected or affiliated with the Catholic Church or any other religious or political institution, such as the Masons or the US government. Here are some keywords, suggestions, possibilities and random thoughts about what you could contribute: rants, weird little sound effects, cryptic voice messages, funny, sexy, surreal, paranoid, confessions, word cut-ups, short sermons, speeches and essays, recordings from your answering machine, hate messages, haiku, circuit bent sounds, conspiracy talk, tell the machine your hopes and fears, pranks, jokes, static, buzzing, feedback of various sorts

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