Please only paranormal investigators answer this question. On first investigation- what ways to be prepaired?

Seriously now. It isn’t a game it is a real investigation. How does a first timer prepare for such an experience?

don’t you think violence isn’t the answer it props alot of questions?

that no matter if it’s homosexuality vs. whatever or enslavement (which we all bear at this point) that it’s sick for violence to be the master of almost all of it? Because we are so divided in our minds and hearts this

What are some of the best thriller/horror movies? For the best answer ill give 5 stars! ?

A movie where there’s a good mother – kid relationship involved, and then something goes wrong. it can be horror or thiller. where the kids life is in danger and there’s drama. something like that. ive already seen prey, amytville horror, panic

What Paranormal Power is required to get askers to choose a best answer or vote for best answer?

Please take the time to choose a best answer (you get three points) for your question or go in and vote for a best answer (1 point per vote) to other questions.

how long does it take for paranormal state to answer your application?

a good friend of mine is having bad troubles in her house with the paranormal…she put in an application for them to come to her house and get rid of whatever is in her house..things are getting worse by the day so