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Amazing Ghost Video!

Ghost video that I recorded in the 2nd floor ladies restroom at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, TN. This ghost looks very solid and is at the bottom of the frame. Some people seem to miss it because they are looking for something hard to see, and this ghost isn’t hard to see at all. I was on an investigation with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society. This video was shot in infrared with a high definition camera. (This is a 100% authentic ghost video!) Some interesting things to note about this ghost video: 1. In the first frames, the ghost seems to be looking right at me. 2. The ghost has a reflection that shows up in the metal behind the ghost as it goes by. I haven’t seen a ghost video where you can actually see a reflection of the ghost before. Evidentally when you capture a ghost in infrared, there can be a reflection of the infrared. 3. The ghost seems to change from something that looks a lot like Casper to another form. 4. I was the only one in the bathroom.. there was no other living person on the entire 2nd floor. You can view an extended version and higher resolution versions of the ghost at . In addition, you can view the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society page about our Bijou Theater investigation here: You can also see other evidence and hear many EVPs catptured from the Bijou Theater on my personal site here: WBIR channel 10 news covered the reveal for the investigation where

Amazing EVP Video

This video contains a striking example of Electronic Voice Phenomena. The study of EVP is about disembodied voices found in recordings or videos. It is studied as a possible form of after death communication. Is this video an example of the phenomenon?

Amazing UFO Night Orb – Queensland, Australia, January 30 2010 I was outside drinking a cup of tea. I did not have a camera with me. Then I saw a light in the sky. I had to run inside and get my camera and try to set it so that it will pick something up in the dark. That’s what all the fumbling is. I have seen this light more than once before. Not just here in Queensland, but also where I used to live, in Melbourne – Victoria. As a matter of fact, I saw this light early one morning (around 4 or 5 in the morning) a couple of weeks ago. It was even bigger then. You can see all my original photos at my website. They are in an area accessible only to members. You need an invitation for registration. Give me your email by PM and I will send you an invitation.

The Amazing Runescape Story

An unmissable Runescape Tale!

What should two amazing teenage girls be for halloween that doesnt make them look like dumb hoes?

Hi. My friend and I are stuck on a VERY last minute halloween costume. We want to be original and not buy a store-bought costume. Fore example two years ago we were mimes, and the year after we were bikers. the more offensive the better Thanks in advance! We rejected the following ideas: truckers, mental patients, rednecks, gypsies.

Amazing Race Entry Video

This video was created in 2001 as an entry video for the first season of a little show called “The Amazing Race” on CBS. We got to the interview stage with this! Starring: Angie (Cardella) Meissner, Anna Lee and Feat. Joe Lee. Appearance by Tony Nuygen. Thanks go to Jeff Shmalls (Director) and Kevin Knudsen (Camera/Editing/Sound) for helping to put this together. Additional consideration for the city of San Jose, Japan Town, and Santa Clara University.

Phantom Manor- A Tribute To DLP’s Amazing Ride!

OH.EM.GEE. This has GOT to be my BESTEST video on YouTube so far! This is just… AHMAZING! It’s mostly panning but it’s pretty awesome panning at that! By the way, three more subbers and I’ve got twenty-five. Vincent Price laugh to that! :P Also, someone asked me if they knew where they could get the Dracula Origin soundtrack. You can’t get it anywhere like Ebay, but if anybody wants it, I have it from the game and can send it to you. The images are from DoomBuggies, Sound of Magic, and Flickr. The song is DLP Parade Open- Grim Grinning Ghosts and can ONLY, I repeat, ONLY, be found on Sound of Magic . com. Thanks for watching.

↓ This Is Amazing!! Real Ghost Pictures!! ↓

Real ghost pictures, amazing, isn’t it?

Amazing – Real Ghost Caught on Camera

This real Spooky video was filmed by 2 girls in a tunnel in york in leeming road after a night out on their way home, as they walk and film themselves on their mobile phone u can see in one shot down the tunnel that their appears to be some misty dark figure/object there, as they walk further down on the right of one of the girls (AT ABOUT 43 SECONDS IN)you can CLEALY see a GHOST next 2 her (YOU MAY NEED TO REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE CLIP TO SEE IT MORE CLEARLY AS WHEN DISPLAYED FULL SIZE IT CAN BE HARD TO SEE), I was sent this video by a friend , no idea how he got it , it looks genuine, but you decide, but it very SPOOKY !!!!

My family captures an AMAZING Ghost photo and need to find a paranormal investigator that can help?

I have not been able to find one, how should I go about it ? The place we captured the photo was in the East Coast and I want a paranormal investigator to look at it and give me there opinion. I know its a ghost and he’s also very famous, but I need to get a profeesional opinion . If you can please suggest someone please let me know. Please help, Thanks
thanks for helping!

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