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Why do black people always die first in horror movies?

What’s up with that anyways. Why are black people always the weakest link in horror movies?

Always, Karen Pt 2/2

They’re more than Halloween stories…they’re real. Explore the paranormal with host Robert Stack in volume one of this two set-collection of the best of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES GHOSTS. From the deck of the ocean liner Queen Mary to the Black Hope Curse of a Texas subdivision built on an old slave burial ground, these are the true stories of neighbors, relatives and government officials who have witnessed strange phenomena that scientists can’t explain.

Why do police always end up dieing in horror movies when they come to save the day?

AHHHH! It gets on my nerves. Why can’t the police come in at the end and just SAY BANG BANG! I mean I hate that every horror movie I watch police always get killed. Jeepers Creepers, Halloween 5, Darkness Falls, Friday The 13th, The Hitcher. Ugh!

Why are there always flies in horror movies?

I love horror movies, and recently I’ve been noticing that there are almost always flies or a fly in the movie. I just wanted to know I’d anyone had any information or ideas as to why? Thank you!

Why is it when women have plastic surgery they always look surprised and kind of spooky?

not talking about a simple nose job but when they start messing with wrinkles etc.

why do scary spooky sounds always happen at 3am?

it seems like scary spooky noises and feelings happen between 2am-430am. does anyone know why?

Why do people always report ghosts of people who died recently or within 100 years?

Why don’t people ever report of encountering ancient ghosts from thousands of years ago like romans or aztecs or even the cavemen? Do the older ghosts vanish and get replaced by the newer ghosts to haunt a certain area or what happens? I am very confused about this dilemma and it is troubling me greatly. Thank you.

Why do people thinks ghosts is always the problem and need to move on instead of staying?

If Halloween comes up, and people want to go ghost hunting in haunted homes, roads, woods or elsewhere, why does some mediums and others always wanted to get rid of ghosts or help them move on beforehand? And why is it a problem?

My hamster spooky has two red bumps that he’s always scratching at it. What can it be?

I did loads of research. It may be either skin caner, mites, but i don’t see why it would be mites i change his bedding often, or a rash i tried changing the bedding thinking it may be the bedding but it’s not. it’s been there for 4 months and nothing. what can it be?

Why does paranormal activity always happen to White people?

I have seen a lot of the discovery Channel shows and some movies based on paranormal activity. All the time, there is a White person getting haunted.

Asians, Hispanics, Indians (India), Middle Eastern people and us Blacks do not have to experience that type of stuff.

Do ghosts just find it fun to bother White people?

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