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Having a Halloween party for kids, what games can I play for ages 9 and under?

I need some really cool games for a Halloween Party i’m having. Everyone is between the ages of 11-14.HELP!!!!?

Everyone is between the age of 11-14 and it’s an outside party with a huge yard and we are only gonna have about 1 hour to play some games.

What are some fun games to play at a childrens Halloween Party ages 4-8? Thank you?

What are some fun games to play at a childrens Halloween Party ages 4-8? Thank you?

Games & Ideas For A Halloween Party? Ages 13-15. Boy-Girl Party.?

my sister & i want to have a REALLY awesome halloween party,
shes almost 15 and ill be 14 in feb.

any games to play? ideas for it? foods? ANTHING that would make a REALLY sick halloween party!

Thankkks! :) <3 , AnnaAmazing & SahraSunshine!

Halloween Party Game Ideas for Ages 5-12?

I will be assisting with a Kids Halloween party this year and would like some ideas on different “low cost” games that could be played by “ALL” kids ages 5-12.
Any ideas would be great and Thank You in advance.

Any ideas for halloween party games? Ages 13-15?

What are some good games for a children’s halloween party for ages 2 all the way to age 14?

I’m doing a halloween/birthday party for my daughter, who is turning 2 on October 29th. We’re going to have a variety of ages there, from age 2 to age 14. We are expecting 20-30 children, and want to keep them all entertained.

We already found a game called “ghost bowling”, where you paint coke bottles white and put little ghost faces on them and let the kids bowl. We also are going to have a “mummy beauty pageant”, where kids wrap one person from their group with toilet paper. But the party is going to be three hours long…Any ideas? Thanks!

People ages 13-14 answer only! What are good teen Halloween party games? HELP PLEASE!?

I’m having 7 people over and I need to have some fun, but not too childish Halloween party games! Anyone have any good ideas? I’m 14.

What are some halloween party games for children ages 6-11 to play?

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