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Zombie Dream after asking and answering zombie questions?

Last night after looking up cryptozoology “study of weird animals” i went to bed. I had a dream where i was driving my moms car even though im 15 and everything was abandoned with flyers on walls saying “head to the safe zone” so i drive 20 miles to my friends house after a conversation about whats going on i hear moaning….so my friends mom even though they live in a trailer took me into a shelter.They had three handguns,10 big boxes of ammo, a few cots,food,and somehow a water fountain (the ones you drink out of). There was pounding on the celler door and my friend answered it and a zombie came at her and bit her my friends mom took a sawed off shotgun she had and shot its head off she then shockingly enough says “Sorry” and blows her head off no remorse at all.So then after staring at the body she says we have to go and we travel into the Adirondacks which we go to every year with them and some other friends. We go into my camp and wait upstairs,then all of a sudden a Zombie Like Black Bear jumps through the window and I fall 1 story onto the ground on my head.I wake up and my friends mom is dead with the bear next to her.I run into the woods with the shotgun and 3 zombies chase after me,I trip on a log and shoot which attracts more zombies and finally before i die i wake up.Whats this all about?

Has anyone ever experienced paranormal activity after a loved one passed?

My Dad passed away about 1 week ago and since then my Mom would wake up to the bed trembling (three times so far for about 30 seconds), my brother-in-law had smelled roses out of nowhere and my sister had an incoming call from my Dad’s cell phone even though it was turned off.

Is the movie Paranormal activity no longer going to play in theatres after thursday?

I live in san antonio texas and my friend mentioned that after thursday (10/13/09) they wont play it in san antonio anymore…Is this true?

How do you calm yourself after watching a horror movie?

A question to all you horror movie lovers out there :)

The Calm After The Storm

A strange visitor from another planet leaves its mark with horrifying results. Please Visit:

Does anyone else tend to get more aggressive after watching a horror film?

I hate it cuz horror is one of my fave types of films, but after I watch one I tend to get less tolerant, impatient, snappy, and even aggressive if the latter is drags on. Whether it’s Nightmare On Elm St. or Saw it usually happens. :( Listening to nice music after wards helps sometimes, but still annoying. Just wondering if this is a common reaction or not.

What were your favorite parts from the movie The Amity ville horror & how did you feel after watching it?

How did you feel after watching the movie the Amity ville Horror and what were your favorite parts of the movie?
go to to watch this movie.

Did you experience anything paranormal after the death of your pet?like signs or an apparition?

a long time ago, when our cat passed over, we actually experienced a few things paranormal. It was amazing.

How do I get to sleep after watching a horror movie?

Okay, I just saw The Fourth Kind and I’m scared out of my mind. The sad thing is I’m an adult. Normally, I’d be able to sleep because horror movies are usually fiction, but isn’t The Fourth Kind nonfiction; a real story with real videos?

How can I get to sleep, and fast?

What do ghosts or souls (after death) do to fight off entropy?

When we are alive we eat and increase the entropy in our food in order to be able to decrease the entropy in our body. After we are dead the entropy of our bodies increases until we are fully decomposed. How do people propose ghosts or souls manage to keep entropy at bay?

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