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Halloween games which involve both adults and children?

Please help me! I’m going to hold a staff-get-together party this late October and I’d like to have some party games (Halloween-related) as it’s on that very day. Some staff will bring their partners/children, so there are around 40 people of all ages. I prefer some funny indoor games which can involve both adults & children, but not too complicated to organize. The party will be in late morning till lunch (I know, bad timing & could be boring!) but I did promise to help, so, I have to try all ways out. In fact, I’m thinking of some Halloween puzzles, quizzes, or just popular party games with subject related to Halloween… but my mind isn’t clear now. I don’t know what & how to do.

I need ideas for FUN Halloween games for adults.?

I need some games to play at a halloween party I am having for adults. We are having costumes, but not many “couples”, mostly women. Any idea? Anyone have some they played in the past that were a hit? 10 points for great answers.

i am having a halloween party for adults, any ideas in how to make it fun?

I am having a halloween party for young adults like 21 and over of age, any party ideas or games to start it up?

What are some good Halloween games for adults for our office party?

Need some ideas for games at a Halloween Party for Adults?

Please nothing sexual, nasty, gross, etc. There will be some kids there as young as 12 so please nothing dumb!

I really need a few halloween party game ideas for ADULTS ?

I am having a couples halloween costume ages 22 to 55 yrs old. I have trivia, costume prizes, good music and food but no game ideas? Do you have any suggesstions?

What are SCARY Halloween party games for ADULTS?

I am hosting a murder mystery party. I am turning my house into a haunted insane asylum. I’m trying to think of SCARY games/challenges/activities. Guests are in their late 20s & early 30s. For example… So far I am having someone get “locked” in the haunted basement w/ scary music and props. They can’t get out until the other guests successfully complete an outdoor scavenger hunt in the woods, where there is also scary music, props, and people jumping out at them. I need more ideas like this PLEASE!! Everything I’ve found on the internet is either lame or for kids. I want SCARY. And FUN!! My friends are pretty outrageous, they will get into just about anything I throw at them.

What are great halloween party games? There will be kids and adults there.?

Anyone have fun Halloween party game ideas for adults?

My husband and I are throwing our first halloween Party this year. I am looking for great game ideas. Our guests will include children of all ages and adults so they must be “clean’ and not too gruesome. Thanks for all of your suggestion!

Halloween Party Games for Adults?

Any ideas for party games for adults. Nothing that has to involve couples though. Any Ideas?

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