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Game ideas for an ADULT halloween party?

Okay, so my roommates and i are having a halloween party but there will be absolutely no drinking. Does anyone know of cool or interesting games that we could play?
Please include rules and description if possible.

What are some fun ADULT halloween games…..including games with alcohol?

I am having a surprise party for my hubby on his birthday….Halloween! It is going to be a costume party and I am going to have food and of course alcohol. I need game ideas, party planning ideas and even costume ideas for couples.

What are some good adult Halloween games for small parties?

Please no corny games. I have also seen enough “murder mystery, scavenger hunt, guess who, pumpkin carving” to make me puke. Please share any original, adult oriented ideas. I also am not looking for…”well a lot of kids games make fun adults games.” So if you have something unique, please post! Thanks!

Adult fun games for a halloween party?

Me and my girl-friend are throwing a halloween party, my task is to make it as fun as possible, so does any one know fun games or fun site for this matter, thank a lot.

Adult Halloween Party Game Ideas?

We are having an adult halloween party. There will be alcohol involved. This is for a bunch of adults age ranging 25-50. To give you an idea of what kind of stuff we are looking for one of our games instead of bobbing for apples is going to be bobbing for miniature liquor bottles. It will be an outside event and we will have karaoke and a dancefloor. Please give me any ideas you have.

Fun adult party games for Halloween?

Can anyone thnk of anything we can do with a group of 20 ish, in our fairly small house?

last year we did the ‘make a mummy with a loo roll’ which was cheap and fun.

Can anyone think of any other low budget games?

Need fun ideas and adult games for a halloween party….?

All of us at the party are atleast 18 and older. Even though we have fun regularly, some fun games that are our age would be fun and any other ideas to have a great time. Some couples will be there and singles. Show fun games, try not to go overboard with to explicit.

What kind of games can you play at a adult halloween party?

Im hosting a adult halloween party but ive searched everywhere including the internet for fun and scary games to play at a adult halloween party and came up with nothing please give ideas if you have them it will be much appreciated thanks!!

I am hosting an adult halloween party in my APARTMENT. Any fun ideas,redipes,games?

I have a keg ordered, test tube shots, jello shots,lots and lots of decorations…How about any food? Games? Any ideas that might be fun or interesting. The party is for about 20 adults ages 21-26

Has any1 any good ideas for adult halloween games?

Im having a halloween party and im trying to get some good adult games to make the party even beter can any1 hels PLEASE!

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