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I’m having a Halloween party and my friends said they wanted little activities and games?

So like I’m definitely going to have a hide and seek or a tag game something like sardines (if you know what that game is…) but I don’t know what else? There’s probably going to be about 15 people there so…? any ideas?
10 points goes to whoever can give me (a) good idea(s) and how to play it to just something to do with these people that’s really fun and maybe possibly Halloween related

oh and we r probably going to already tell ghost stories :)

what games and activities should i have for my halloween party?

i am throwing a costume boy/girl halloween party and am completely clueless on what games should i have for ages 16-19. HELP ME PLEASE??
there will be at least 30 people

What are some good activities / games for a Halloween Party for 12-14 year old girls?

Trick or Treat is not an option.
Trick or Treat is not an option because we live outside the U.S., in an apartment in the heart of the capital city. Halloween is not celebrated here like it is in the U.S.

What are some activities or games to play at a Halloween/Birthday party for young children?

I need help planning activities and games to do at a Halloween/Birthday party for young kids and toddlers. They will range from about age 2-5 or so and I want activities that are fun and will keep them busy instead of watching cartoons or something.. Please help!! Also, you if have any suggestion of what kind of food to serve, please let me know!!

Halloween Party Games and Activities?

I’m having a halloween party and I want to know what games or activities that I can set up.
Note: The age range is between 12-15

Is the footage from Paranormal Activities real?

I just saw the movie, “Paranormal Activities” and all the stuff I saw looked pretty real to me& I would like to know if it was just BASED off a true story (but thats not real footage) or if everything I just saw was the real deal..
Any insight?

has there been any movies made where paranormal activities occurred during the shooting of the film?

could anyone list down movies where paranormal activities started occurring during the shooting of a film?

we all know about “3 men and a baby” where rumors had spread about the little boy hidden behind the curtain.

how about when they shot the original amityville horror in the original house…i faintly remember hearing from somewhere that there were things happening in the house while shooting that movie?!

what could be a broader topic for paranormal activities?

i’m working on my thesis, it’s about paranormal activities(ghosts, devils, etc.) what could be a broader topic for this?

Does anyone know of any paranormal activities in their local areas?

I work for a cable TV show and I am looking for any supernatural or paranormal sightings with some interesting history to the location; somewhere good for an investigation. Anything from a haunted house to mental hospitals to seances. However, I need substantial evidence or leads that could result in a good chance for a legitimate investigation.
If you can help, please reply to this question or email us your contact information at
Thank you.

What’s the difference between paranormal activities and paranormal abilities?

i’m just curious. ‘m not asking for examples, i’m asking more for like the actual definition. thanks.

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