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I’m thinking about having a kid’s Halloween party. Any suggestions for food, games and decorations.?

Thanks in advance :-)

I am having a halloween party for about 10 – 15 22 year olds. Any suggestions on any fun party games to play?

About Halloween games for parties?

My church is having a Halloween party for the kids. And they asked me to print out some games ideas since I have a computer. And I was wondering if anyone knows any website that has ideas for Halloween games for toddlers and kids. Your answers will be really helpful. Thanks……

What are some creatures like Bigfoot and Mothman that I might not know about?

I watch monsterquest and all those shows like lost tapes and stuff because i’m interested n cryptozoology so dont refer them to me.
Here are some things I know about
3.Lochness Monster
5.Dover Demon
6. Boneless Horror or the Kraken
7.Creature of Bear Lake
12.Ohio Grassman
13.And some other ones I cant think of ATM

Anyway please tell me some so I can research them a little bit.
,Thank you for helping
Jersey Devil is one of them I forgot about

Where can I find information about faeries?

All answers are welcome, but uneducated answers are less than helpful. Please give me any books or websites (especially books though) that have aided you in attaining knowledge of things such as faeries, goblins, and other related topics. Also, if anyone knows what the study of these creatures is called it would be greatly appreciated as that will help me in my search. I know that it is something along the lines of cryptozoology but it is more specific than that. For reference of the type of creatures I am speaking of refer to the children’s books “the spiderwick chronicles” for a few examples. Thank you.
Please do not leave malevolent and smart a$$ answers such as “ASK WALT DISNEY” as they are immature and bothersome. Also, I am not looking for little kid information, I am seriously interested academically in the information found in ancient folklore and only look for sources that may reveal some of this wondrous knowledge.
“I was going to suggest you looked at the bottom of your garden.” sounds far more educated than “ASK WALT DISNEY”. I apologize if my question was worded some what stuck up, as I do not wish to come across that way, I have just had bad experiences with dozens of bad answers before, and answers from people who have no idea what they are talking about. And, if I had a garden I would definitely check there. :)

Why don’t we hear more about….?

cryptozoology on here? There is at least as much credible evidence for Bigfoot than for anything else on here, if not more. Is bigfoot not as en vogue as ghosts and psychic powers?

I don’t believe or disbelieve in bigfoot. Sounds plausible, but has not been proven. I live in what is supposed to be bigfoot territory, and do outdoorsy stuff all the time, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, it’s the best part of living in Oregon. I have had no bigfoot experiences.
cryptozoology: the study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence

yeah Hans, I don’t know what happened to Jonquill’s answer, she must have deleted it for some reason
I can’t see what that is violating, but sometimes it really doesn’t matter. I had one question deleted because YA said it was an advertisement or solicitation or something way off. I can’t imagine they even read my appeals, because the violation reason didn’t even have a hint of substance.

What horror character to write about?

I started a vampire story and i think its good but no one will read it because of the craze. I like writing horror. I write about ghosts witches and shapeshifters but need a new character.

So any idea for a new character to write about in tge horror genre?

Famous american author’s novels about fiction war tales or horror?

I have to do a term paper on a famous american writer and read two novels of their work.
I am interested in fiction novels about war or horror.
Have any suggestions?

Famous american author’s novels about fiction war tales or horror?

I have to do a term paper on a famous american writer and read two novels of their work.
I am interested in fiction novels about war or horror.
Have any suggestions?

I have about 4600 movies. I have them listed as horror, comedy, etc. How can i separate them?

I mean separate them into categories such as just the comedy or horror or family without having to copy and paste one by one???? Help is there an easier way??? Thanx ahead of time!!!

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