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Rods\Skyfish – Best Collection – IMPRESSIVE ( ITALY February ~ August 2009) HD (watch the end)

IMPORTANT NOTE : (watch the end) – in each video was used the Slowmotion – I have waited to accumulate movies because I have just the trial version of movie style for use Slowmotion effect – In the 10° video the main subject is the reflection of a spider’s web (with passage of rods) – In the 11° video the main subject is a light that does not know what (down passage of Orb) – My opinion , rods are the material form of orbs

2009 Cadborosaurus Video (filmed by Kelly Nash) – Enhanced and Stabilized

I stabilized and increased the contrast of the 2009 video filmed by Kelly Nash of a purported Cadburosaurus in Nushagak Bay, Alaska. The footage is short and is repeated in slow motion as it appeared in Hilstranded. All rights belong to Kelly Nash, and the footage is from the Discovery Channel. I think what the Hilstrands were trying to catch may have been a white sturgeon (as Jeremy Wade caught for his episode at Lake Iliamna), but this animal we see here is definitely not a sturgeon. I believe Caddy is a new whale species descended from Basilosaurus. As for Nessie and Champ, they look more to be a relative of plesiosaur that can stretch its neck up high.

criptozoologia 2009

The Mountains of Mystery (2009)

A feature-length documentary from CFZtv, directed by Jonathan Downes and produced by Richard Freeman. In the summer of 2008, five British explorers from the UK based Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ], the world’s largest mystery animal research group, fly to the mountains of southern Russia, just weeks before the region erupts into war.. They are searching for the almasty, a semi-mythical apeman, that the team believe could be man’s closest relative; an evolved descendant of Homo erectus. Along the way they have many adventures, and several members of the team are nearly killed on more than one occasion. With music by Gogol Bordello and Jonathan Downes For more details check out

Marga torneo de dorado 2009 parte 1

Deep sea Dolphin (mahi Mahi) fishing off the coast of Ponce, PR.

Head Popper 2009

Tombstone Pop Up we built for Halloween 2009

New 2009 singing bust complete!!!

How To Build A Corpse: Follow Up To Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display

Here’s how I built the corpse. The bulk of the project is paper. For the skull, I had a styrofoam skull that I “corpsed” last year. You can buy them anywhere for a couple of bucks. The teeth were made from hot glue. The longest part of the job was the paper mache. You have to add several layers for strength, so this takes time. The way I make my mache is: Measure out 1 cup cornstarch and dump in lidded container. Add 1/2 cup water and mix in as best you can. (will be powdery after completely mixed). Add 1/2 cup Elmers Glue and mix till all the lumps are gone. Tear your strips of paper, don’t cut them. You need the rough edges. Hope you enjoy the video. Comments are welcome! I may put one up showing how I made Mr. Pumpkinhead and Mr. Red.

Transworld 2009 J


Halloween prop 2009

the leaping ghoul

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