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Anyone know a japanese horror movie released in the US in 2006 with english subtitles?

It was a japanese horror movie and was part of a series in US theaters 13 stories or so? I cant remember the name and want to rent it this weekend. All I remember one of the movies had a plot of girl who ‘s soul was a doll’s? and she had to go back to a hotel where everyone was dead and walking around. another part of the movie had another who disappeared in the library while her cell phone was ringing. I saw it around Dec 2006?

Haunted House 2006

hope you enjoy the show. post a comment to let us know what you think

Old Mill Inn 10 2006

The Long Island Paranormal Society (LIPS, ha ha) investigates the Old Mill Inn for a specter. Can the evidence they find be explained or is it something more than normal? Like, paranormal? Eh, either way there are a few laughs to be had and lessons to be learned. LIPS: No Body? No Problem!

Halloween Decorations 2006

The Halloween Decorations I set up in 2006 for trick or treaters along with some contact/toss juggling.

Creepy halloween sounds (2006)

Sounds that are perfect for halloween played on the guitar. sorry bout the gay shorts. this is an old video. (creepiness varies through age and time of day.)

Happy Halloween (2006)

Happy Halloween from the students at WAMS.

The Brandon Event June 24, 2006 Paranormal Scientific Investigators

Prior to investigation, team members met with veteran ghost hunter Connie Darlington. After meeting one another, team members began setting up the hardware. Several EVP’s were detected, a number of orbs (some rather large) were caught on photographs, dowsing rod activity was fluent. Several very fascinating pictures were taken including what appears to be a possible partial torso apparation in a window; a possible face in another picture; and what I (Mark) found most fascinating were two pictures that were taken: one was with Connie standing and what appears to be a lightning bolt shooting up towards the sky, and in another, team member Ron was using the dowsing rods and what appears to be lightning bolts coming from them and again shooting upwards towards! Most intriguing! They are a true anomaly. Investigators included Scott Fulkerson, Mark Stewart, Ron Fulkerson, and veteran ghost hunter

Michael Jackson – Halloween Medley 2006

This is my second video and it is about Halloween. Music by Michael Jackson – Halloween Medley 2006

Telecom Center, Odaiba (2006)

Image taken on 2006-05-01 00:00:00

my halloween decorations 2006

that year sucked but now i have the best backyard haunt in my naberhood subscibe if you want to see how to make halloween props and decorations thanks for reading

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