some questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses…short answers, please.?

They told me if I pray, I’ll stop having Psychic dreams…but how did they start? Am I posessed?
Does blessing my food keep it clean?
Do you HAVE to read the NewWorldTranslation or will KingJames be ok?
Should I keep my kids out of schools that read fairy tales? Are folk tales and tall tales ok?
Is it wrong to study dinasaurs or cryptozoology since these animals are not in the bible?
Is it wrong to study quantum physics (in reference to time travel and other dimensions)?
Is it wrong to do Yoga excercises?

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  1. Prayer will help, but its not all there is.
    If you’re bothered by psychic dreams, there is a chance there is some physical object you might want to get rid of.
    Or some practice that is eerie.
    Watch what you dwell upon.

  2. Are any of these serious questions? Here we go:
    If they’re really psychic dreams (as opposed to coincidence), there may be a possibility of supernatural interference especially if you’ve been dabbling in the occult (in any form).
    It is appropriate to pray to thank God for your food because he provided it to you.
    The King James Version says the same thing as the NWT, but can you really understand old English that well?
    As long as children understand that fairy tells are fiction, they should be okay.
    The Bible does not actually exclude the possibility of dinosaurs; look at the creation account of “sea monsters” etc.
    No, I don’t imagine there’s anything wrong with quantum physics.
    Yoga…well, are you relaxing yourself thru meditation or communing with spirits?

  3. Dont know where you got those.
    Whats with your dreams?
    You pray to thank God for the food not make it clean.
    Any bible translation will do.
    Fairy tales are fun to read, just know where you draw the line of fantasy and reality (my kids knew well).
    Whoever said dinosaurs are not mentioned in the bible? They were created on the fifth day…
    Study what you like but dont get carried away.
    Yoga keeps you fit, but again dont get too carried away…

    My 2 cents…

  4. Dear Beautiful One Has Arrived (Nefert-iti in the ancient Egyptian language):

    Since others have already given good, short (as you requested) answers to your questions, I will just make a (short) general observation.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have a lot of “rules” about things. Rather, we have the guidance of God in the Bible (KJV is OK, too) and in the principles derived from that guidance.

    That’s why we encourage reading of the Bible, because it gives us the mind of God, and of Christ, who reflected his Father in all things. So any answers we give you are grounded, not on our own opinions, but on what the Bible says.

    That’s because our goal is to please God in all things.

  5. Well firstly, I suggest you look these subjects up in the Bible and decide for your self.

    I personally don’t think you had psychic dreams, I was not there to see them:D I assume if someone suggested praying, it might be under the thought that if you are being bothered by demons praying to God is a good place to start to fix things:D

    What? Um not that I know of. Do you mean blessing=praying before eating?? Just curious.


    I think most any school teaches some folk tales. How you handle this is up to you and your conscience.

    No. Consider cars are not mentioned in the Bible, but on some level all drivers study these. Also, the Bible mentions, among other things, Leviathans, which for all we know, may have been Dinos.

    There is nothing wrong with learning science. I try to always remember when looking at more advanced science that these teachings are called theories.

    Yoga is a complicated thing. While excercising is wonderful, for many the acts of Yoga take on a spiritulistic, unChristian tone.

  6. A typical Jehovah’s Witness would likely recommend that a person troubled by “Psychic dreams” seek professional medical attention, and avoid dabbling in the occult.

    A person who asks a “blessing” over his food typically is prayerfully acknowledging that physical sustenance is possible because of God. Such a blessing does not make the food “clean” in any way.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves did not have the ‘New World Translation’ until the 1960’s (later if they did not speak English or Spanish). Any quality translation of the Holy Scriptures can teach a person about God and His purposes.

    Each Christian parent must make conscientious decisions about what is the in the best interests of his children. Many parents among Jehovah’s Witnesses feel that so-called “fairy tales”, “folk tales”, and “tall tales” can be considered harmless fiction, particularly if they help educate the child about good manners or morals.

    The bible is not a science textbook, and it would be a mistake for any person to rely upon it as the sole reference regarding any branch of science.

    There seems no Scriptural reason to refrain from studying quantum physics.

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