Some Halloween Party Games PLEASE ANSWER!!!?

ok so I’m 13 years old and a girl what are some games that let’s say a group of about 5 girls can do together on Halloween.

Ps I no this isn’t exactly in the right section but please answer with ideas and btw one of friends is afraid of Ouija boards lol so please don’t suggest that:)

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  • ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮:

    Returning the favor ;)

    Test out your creepy voices.. ha. Me and my brother do that when we are bored, i found out that i can speak like satan, a little girl, a pedophile (lol), i can do screamo, and i can growl like a monster.. Plus i can talk like (picture a muscly, huge african-american) a buff guy.. and i am a girl.. O.o

    You could make a video to put on youtube, or you could decide to prank one of your friends (without telling them of course!! but let the others know) by making creepy voices under your breath and pretending not to hear them.. :D

    You could link arms and skip down the road (that is always fun!!)

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