Shape-shifting Aliens

Reptilian humanoids are a proposed race of intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like humanoids in mythology, popular fiction, pseudoscientific theories and in the writings of New Age conspiracists. They appear in some conspiracy theories, most notably those of Riley Martin, John Rhodes, David Icke, and in science fiction. Reptoids, a conjoined word defining Reptilian-Humanoid beings, is the most popular name used to describe these cryptid beings, although some authors also refer to them as dinosauroids, lizardfolk or lizardmen. Other names include Draconians, Saurians and Sauroids. They are often described as being green or gold color. Similar to the other cryptids, no one has produced proof of the existence of reptilian humanoids, and allegations of their existence can at best be referred to as cryptozoology or pseudoscience. Mythological references to reptilian humanoids Several ancient peoples all over the world have described reptilian beings, and some have described reptilian humanoids. Common in numerous mythologies are tales of reptilian creatures (usually not humanoid) who are often, but not always, hostile to human beings. Also rather common are the myths of “Serpents of Wisdom” who enlightened humanity before the dawn of civilization. Some individuals, doubting claims of reptilian humanoid sightings or contacts, suggest that the mythological preeminence of reptilian forms could stem from a genetic memory of instincts developed millions of years

24 thoughts on “Shape-shifting Aliens

  1. It Looks Like Who/What,,, Is “STUCK” (If You Google All Historical Paintings Just For The Heck Of It, Done By The Pristine Artists Of Their Time) For Some Odd, Strange Reason, There Is “A FLYING SAUCER” Worked Into The Painting. Why Would They Do That? How Do They Know,/Or Come Up With Such A Concept/Creation? & Why Incorperate It Into The Art Right Down To When Man First Learned To Scratch A Historical Event Onto A Wall They Put Different Beings, “-” Into The Art, & SAUCER CRAFT? *3-10,000 B.C.

  2. Meximelt’s make the worst videos.

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  3. @dakota23750 lmao i understand what your saying but i was merely make joking about his disability acceptable because of his advocation of joking about the disease himself, i meant no disrespect to the excellent man and actor michael j fox, i was using the disease in a satirical sense, sorry

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  5. Great video and no matter if it is real or fake so far no experts could “Debunked” with certainty.So stop calling it fake unless u have the proof it is

  6. I love the conversation in the video…

    -“They’re extra-terrestrial dude”
    “They’re what?”
    -“Yes, cabron!”

  7. How right you are! It’s two shape-shifting aliens, who have contracted to resurface the roof.

  8. it looks like you taped the camera to a wolves penis and then shoved a cactus down the wolves asshole while in a tornado. after the wolf got kicked in the dick.

  9. @SicSkatez I am rarely too serious, however, I have personally seen many many strange things, 100 ufos and my grandma’s ghost, (well I smelled that, didn’t see it), this could be large puppets, or just people with too much sunlight behind them making them appear strange. it isn’t useful as conclusive evidence of anything. who shot this footage? what are the alleged circumstances? were there other people watching? the so called morph just looks to me like a bent over person straightening up.

  10. @cwsaja Are you serious, you think it’s people? Can’t you obviously see some grey shadow thing just come up from nowhere in 0:17 ? & it looks like they’re made out of clay or something they keep on molding into grotesque shapes.. Even if it was a crappy camera, how can it create these effects? It can’t.

  11. can you shake the camera more, I can still almost tell what’s going on, some people messing about on a rooftop.

  12. They do exist!!!
    watch his left eye, at 1:03 and tell me what do you see….

    If it doesnt work well, pause the video , and go manually to 1:03, and you will see…
    Watch the Left pupil!!!And watch the color of both eyes!!

  13. those arent normal human beings on that roof. not going to explain how i can tell because if its meant for u to see, then u will see it. if not, oh well.

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