scary stories or halloween party game ideas?

im having a party and i need more scary stories and games. pleaseee helpp??!!!

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  • Krosobin:

    Dress up as Pennywise the Clown.

  • yes:

    stories about being able to see dead ppl in the mirror always work…

  • Cassie J:

    Make a scary trail and have people dress up and jump out.
    Thats fun.
    My friends does that.
    Its awsome.

  • metrobluequeen1:

    If your party is for kids, ( older kids, 6 -12) there is always fun in bobbing for apples. get a clean tub and fill it about 1/4 the way with water and add clean, washed apples. They take turn dipping their heads in for the apples, they must not use their hands and only bite at the apple to catch it. One kid at a time,
    If they bit an apple and missed, they still get that one.

    For smaller kids, get a copy of ” The great pumpkin” let them all watch and have treats.
    For grown ups, well, there are great shows about real ghosts and goblins almost everynight to watch and have popcorn and treats.
    Trading spooky experiences is a good time passer too, and fun as well.
    Hope these help, and have a great party!

  • KatieK:

    Here’s a website with some short scary stories.
    I’d read them or have a few friends read them so we could tell them from memory in a pitch black room and get someone to try and scare everyone maybe by having someone scratch at the window or have someone pound on the door suddenly.
    Some other party ideas:
    I’d also go buy some of the cheesy one dollar horror movies from walmart and play them in the background while we played a party game or while we ate.

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