Scary halloween games for teens?

I’m going to have a halloween party and all I can find on the internet for games is stuff like putting stickers on people’s backs and contests where the rewards are pumpkin-shaped cookies. The game I’ve found that I like is called Murder, where one person winks and you die. Then you have to figure out who the murderer is. I like that style of games. Any other creepy Halloween games you know of?

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  • Mary:

    7 minutes in the closet. perhaps it should be called 7 mintues in HELL

  • Kitt:

    well. bloody mary. tell ur friends ull brb then hide in a bathtub in uur BR. then get 1 of ur friends to make the other friends go in the BR (one at a time) and say bloody marry while ur in there hiding (no lights. just 1 or 2 candles) annd.then after they say it scream. theyll all ready be super scared and if u scream then w00t. total scareing the like pwnage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >=D make them swear they wont tell anyone wat u did to them so u can scare everyone else. teehee

  • Caitlin Darby:

    its kinda like murder. but u put in all different pieces of paper in a hat. one is a dectitive, one murdered, all the rest are civilians. the dective hides, and then who he decides to kill, the victim screams. the dective comes in and asks every1 to give an alliby (u see who can really lie) and then they must choose who they think the murderer is.

  • cutehpfanatic:

    bloddy murdur have everyone but two ppl count like 1 o clock 2 o clock 3 o clock then at 12 o clock everyone looks for the two ppl and when they find someone that person screams bloody murder and runs away and if they get tagged they are out and keep doing untll only 2 ppl are left

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