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~Warped Floors~ For those worthy enough to reach them, the Warped Floors delve another thirteen floors deeper underground. Six new bosses await dungeoneers here, such as the crazed human test-subject Blink, who has been driven mad by his love for portal magic. Use the room’s cover to your advantage and perhaps you’ll live to survive his furious attacks — but there are no promises. Then there are the hope devourers, behemoths with a hunger for an opponent’s faith. If you fall to this beast, you won’t be the first, or the last. No Dungeoneering release is complete without challenge rooms, and this update comes with eight new combat and skill-based trials, including one Warped-specific room. This warped room will require sturdy constitution and a mind for puzzles, as you move from room to room through a labyrinth of portals. With the deepest set of floors comes the final peak of our XP upward curve, allowing Prestige veterans to access the tastiest XP and token rates. Now there’s no excuse to stop at a mere level 99 – it’s onwards to true skill mastery and level 120! If you’re a reward fiend, then worry not: there are eight new items for those with a token hoard big enough. The bone necklaces restore prayer points when you bury bones (a perfect complement to the bonecrusher), while a spirit cape will reduce the cost of your combat familiar’s special moves. Members might also get their hands on a tamed stalker pet, a curious creature with a nasty habit of collecting your

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  1. do a bank vid! and show what item u shud take out for a bank vid lol * i saw ur comment on lickmysweat’s vid”

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