REAL Entity Attacking Camera TRUE Ghost Caught On Tape (Lizzie Borden House 8)

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25 Responses to “REAL Entity Attacking Camera TRUE Ghost Caught On Tape (Lizzie Borden House 8)”

  • selfmade2488:

    Great video this is amazing proof that paranormal entities exist.

  • StarlitNox:

    ;~; This scared me, but in an awesome way.

  • arsenalylknw12010:

    would you like this to stop?

  • arianaxrose1:

    If you listen closely as you slow the speed it sounds like there is almost a growl or voice trying to say something, idk it could just be the sound of the camera moving but it really does sound like a sentence is trying to be made out. What also makes me wonder this is at about 4:35 the camera has stopped moving but the noise hasn’t stopped. you can hear it most at about 4:36. It’s pretty faint though.

  • XxXSaNdy603XxX:

    I didnt see anything but the camera moving soo fast and all over the place . do you have another and better video then this ?

  • dustyrose1986:

    i just thought i would point something out to you, but right after you asked again if it was her camera i could almost hear a “mine” after… its about 8:14…

  • koen075zaanstad:

    true anyways love youre vids (Y)

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @MahtarOSeere Thanks, well your opinion and suggestions are always welcome!

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @Toucanbird I will listen at that point to find out, but it is possible because there have been a couple already that people have noticed when I didn’t notice as I put the video up… this house is just really active.

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @koen075zaanstad well, anyone is scared of what they don’t know and cannot see, and while there have been reports of cases where ghosts have physically attacked people, it is not that common.

  • koen075zaanstad:

    for some ghost you dont have to be scared but there are angry badass ghost to those are the one you shuold be afraid of

  • MahtarOSeere:

    @MassMostHaunted I did state a couple of suggestions for camera placement in my previous comment like simply placing the camera in a corner facing doors that people can get in through. I know they’re not very specific but I can’t realy be without knowing a more details about what you need to have in shot, what equipment you have, the layout of the building etc. I don’t claim to be an expert by any standard, thats just my opinion.

  • Toucanbird:

    What’s the sound made at the 2:17 mark? Is that an EVP? It sounds kind of like a breath or a snicker. Overall, this is really interesting footage. I’ve never seen a ghost play THIS much with a camera before. I’ve seen tipped over and bumped cameras but not shaking and spinning like this.

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @MahtarOSeere so then what would you suggest I do different next time with camera placement, etc… Im always open to critisism and contruction.

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @caroline0566 Thank you!!!

  • MahtarOSeere:

    @robotbull Thats true unless the person was smart and ducking down then it would be easy.
    Sorry but mounting a camera in the middle of a doorway makes it easy for people to mess with and fake stuff. I think you should mount cameras where there is no possibility of people getting behind the camera without being caught by it like in a courner or pointing at the only entrance into a room. Thats just my thoughts I won’t say this is fake but it could be so wouldn’t call it evidence either.

  • caroline0566:

    creepy ,the intuitive people will know you are genuine,the skeptics will always be skeptic, well aleast in this lifetime.dont be to hard on sceptics, the universe loves balance plus they keep our feet on the ground,so really they do us a favour. once again keep up the good work,your honesty will open you to the spiritworlds.

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @YeventrY1 Its a historic house, and much of everything, including the wallpaper is original to the 1800’s… have you never heard of the Lizzie Borden house before?

  • YeventrY1:

    the ghost was probably upset because of those horrendous wallpapers, ugh. *gags*

  • Gridtrackers9Studio:

    @MassMostHaunted TAPS? lol

  • MassMostHaunted:

    @SpazMaTaz44 I believe that everywhere we go that ghosts do exist all around us, but they are just people as you and I are, just not alive anymore. It only scares most people because you don’t know a lot about them or why they are here… what we don’t know and can’t see, scares most of us… but there’s nothing to worry about, I promise!

  • SpazMaTaz44:

    Interesting.. I probaly shouldn’t watch this stuff while home alone ever..

  • andrerochertek:


  • Daffy711:

    @MassMostHaunted ok.. thanks i’ll look it up

  • ZonneNation:

    i subbed

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