Questions from a Rocky Horror Picture Show virgin?

I’ve seen the movie at home several times; I’m obsessed with Dr. Frank-n-furter, he’s so sexy. Anyways, I have a couple questions about seeing RHPS in the theatre:

1) I’m 15 and want to go with my best friend, who’s also 15. Do we need to bring an adult? Because the movie is rated R.

2) We’re extremely concerned about the virgin ritual. We’ve researched the different rituals, and….yeah. Seeing as we’re only 15, we don’t exactly want to be eating bananas off a random guy’s crotch, etc. What are the rituals you have experienced/seen?

3) If we’re young, will we not have to do the virgin ritual, or will it be toned down greatly?

4) Is it possible for us to pretend we aren’t virgins? We know the movie well enough, and what props to bring. I read something about the virgin rituals happening before the movie, so if we get there late….will that save us? We’re just very young and want to enjoy the AP, not the sexual acts.

Thanks for any help you can give based on experience! And please don’t copy/paste the article from the official RHPS site. That doesn’t really answer my questions.

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  • meL:

    1.) Where I have gone to the show, they never carded. I went for the first time when I was sixteen and a good amount of times after that.

    2.) The virgin games in Milwaukee consist of an orgasm noise contest and crawling beneath each of the cast member’s legs and getting spanked.

    3.) Yes, it is possible to pretend you are not a virgin. Most of the time it is just friends ratting each other out. If they are told you are one, they may draw a giant ‘V’ on your forehead. If you get there late, it might work. If they ask if you’ve gone before, just say yes.

  • Astronomy Domine:

    They won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but if you do participate in the virgin rituals they should tone it down a bit since you’re under 18. And you’ll probably have to bring an adult to get into the theatre, unless you look like you’re old enough to get in by yourselves.

  • Kaylie:

    1) No,I’m 15 and I’ve been going to Rocky Horror since I was 14 without an adult. They really aren’t concerned about age all that much.

    2) The virgin rituals are pretty much part of the show. You don’t necessarily have to participate but you’ll remember your first time if you do. Plus, it’s not like you’re up there alone. You’re going with your best friend!(:

    3) Most of the time if they see that there’s a few younger virgins, the ritual is toned down. It’s really nothing to be worried about.

    4) It’s most definitely possible to pretend you aren’t virgins. Just walk in like you own the place,you know?(:

    I hope this helps you a lot! Have fun!:D

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