Psychic Sunshine Rose On Canned Foods & Bottled Drinks

Please buy water filter, do not drink any type of drink that comes in plastic containers. Please make fresh food, do eat foods in cans. Buy a juicer, make fresh juice.

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  • 916suns:

    @khalilahinjapan Thanks so much, how wonderful of you! I am sure the Angels approve!

  • khalilahinjapan:

    I took your advice (or angels whomever) and bought a filter for my sink instead of buying the bottled water. I am not sure if this whole bottled water poisoning thing is worldwide but just to be on the safe side and reduce garbage… I bought the filter. Life is so much easier lol regarding water consumption now because I always bought plastic bottled water but everyone here has to recycle anyways. Thanks for the advice!!!PEACE

  • ItsChancePisces:

    I totally agree thanks for warning other light-workers

  • RabAdamson:

    L ♥
    O ♥
    V ♥
    E ♥

  • AngelJophiel:

    @916suns I do try to buy the more of the healthy type of breads nowadays and it is true that virtually all of the food and drinks that most of us eat/drink are just really bad for your body and filled with different chemicals and it is quite the task to figure out a way to have a healthy diet!

  • kewi444:

    , Im mean as you say.we should use them natural ella things for the least possible destruction as they have to propose to the best of mother earth and the Ecological System, and not now only for the best profits for those greedy callous of loser who thinks only about their profits and create wealth and Power,, maker me reallt sick, namastis!Please EXUSE MY English

  • kewi444:

    which represents a fruktansvrt lidade for these creatures, just to satisfy us / heartless people just to get warm clothes, etc. when there is so much misnt as good matrerial to use, I have seen indusrti have seen this in real life and that was the most terribe suffering for those poor creatures, fortunately there is a strong counterforce against this in mowemets as with other painful exploitation of defenseless animals. when there is so much misnt as good matrerial to use

  • 916suns:

    It’s sooo true, there is chemicals in the bread (as well) I am going on a water and bread fast for peace, and my guides say to buy fresh baked bread and get filtered water. I have to go to the bakery at belair, they bake bread daily. Buy fresh baked breads !!! Important, my guides shown me a “vision” of chemicals in the bread (shelf) bought!

  • kewi444:

    One thing also that I have been pretty strong remarks on (from the angels i think) is not to use type down jacket and feather pillows

  • AngelJophiel:

    I really loved croissants, but recently I was warming them up in the stove and for some reason they always ended up completely burnt. Then I remembered that my guides had advised me not to eat them. But yesterday I still decided to buy just one, I warmed it in the stove and took it out really early and it was OK, but then I put the dish that was in the stove to the sink and for the first time it broke to pieces(cold water) and then I was like – OK, I get it, and threw the croissant to trash :)

  • Doc1994:

    Thank You Rose and your Spirit Guides for the message =) *HUGS*

  • omshanti626:

    This is how i feel!! I cant eat anything, without it throwing my energy off! it has to be super fresh…no dairy..and no gluten…. it takes soo much time just for me to fig out what to eat that ill just not eat!!
    Sucks being so sensitive to food!

  • 916suns:

    They sit in the container for long periods of time on shelves and through shipping.

  • 916suns:

    I also want to add, *MY GUIDES SAY* that if you place your water in a plastic JUG (that’s fine!) as long as it doesn’t sit in the plastic container for long periods of time, drinks that come from plastic containers!

  • 916suns:

    Thank you for being you! HUGS

  • atomarane:

    Thanks for sharing Rose. :)

  • 916suns:

    My guides say stainless steel is FINE :)

  • ancientmother:

    Oh my goodness, I’m gonna starve to death! No, only kidding. However, there should be someway that we could neutralize the bad stuff, at least in the cans. Most of the time it is just me alone and to cook is just a lot of work for just me, and I can’t eat a lot or cook just a tiny bit. And as for the plastic, milk is my only weakness. I use filter for all my water, even to cook when I do. And I use a stainless steal water bottle. Can you ask them about the stainless steal?Seems everything is bad

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