Prejudice Against Psychics (Sunshine-Rose) Reiki Master

Just me venting about Psychics and how we have prejudice

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  • Hurls47:

    You gorgeous and seem honest and well i think you will find someone , well i hope so…i was considering a reading from you but scared to get bad one as some readers seemed…negative 9 of 11 were good though, on my love situation..hope ur well.

    Blessed Be.

  • AngelJophiel:

    “I try to surround myself with spiritually awakened people, but I don’t know any!” – Kind of in the same boat here :D

  • viml7:

    Your words resonate with me and your light shines so bright!! Hugs.:))

  • 916suns:

    Thank you so much :)

  • 916suns:

    Your wonderful! Many Hugs :)

  • ancientmother:

    It is so amazing to me that people still treat others who are not in the same mold so cruelly. I am old now, but back when I was a child, one got put away into a mental institution for being gifted in any way. Bless you for being honest and open. There is a lot more freedom and openess today, yet we still find people who want to judge and control. I am so happy that you are using your abilities and gifts now wihile you are young, you can only get better, and I know that your someone will come.

  • sweetloveelmo:

    Hello Rose,

    I am very grateful to you for the message in your video. It’s wonderful to get confirmation from you about all of this. Basically I’d like to say that I realy agree with Virgo2999’s comment!

    And stay strong, the lightworkers Love you!

  • 916suns:

    Love you too! Namaste!

  • Mr72368:

    i think we need more people like you ^_^

  • TheAriark:

    Rose, know this, even in Montreal Canada, you work because I do and you are now part of my life, we are all working together and trust me, if I could find a man who loves me more than himself, you will too. Much Love and comfy fuzzy warmth to you Namasté <3

  • KamilyonEnterprise:

    Well I don’t know about the guy you were talking about at the begining but, he’s WRONG. You have at lease 137 people who are listening to you. (Subscribers) Now how does he like that? He probably has no one following him and is jealous of you. Stay gold :)

  • virgo2999:

    Rose you are awesome! You are SO beautiful inside and out… You know the truth is inside you, LOVE is the answer. Those of us that believe in Jesus Christ, the REAL Jesus Christ, we know that LOVE, acceptance and unity is the way. All of the division is created by darkness. Yes the incarnations of God have been lighting the way for thousands of years. God bless you, LOVE and blessings to you and your family. Namaste.

  • atomarane:

    You are most welcome – big hugs. :)

  • skata11:

    i actually am steve you gave me a three question reading just wanted to say let peoples darkness be your light …you are simply a sweet intelligent and loving happy that ive subcribed and found you .. you have a beautiful gift keep safe and take care..namaste to you ..ill be getting a past life reading soon from you…thanks again

  • amidonx:

    I love you Rose :)

  • 916suns:

    Well hopefully, I have made so many friends on youtube and all spiritual people, it’s so awesome!

  • RPJoey:

    Youtube is the place to find it, if you’re searching. In new ways, we’re searching for our soul brothers and sisters. Regardless of their nature, good/bad, it doesn’t quite matter, all people that we experience are apart of the beloved. Thank you for sharing!

  • 916suns:

    Aww thanks.

  • 916suns:

    Thank you! You really walk a path of wisdom :) Namaste!

  • stanray100:

    be yourself who ever you may be ,they can take it or leave it

  • atomarane:

    Thanks Jackie … the feeling is mutual. :)

  • MrAugiestyle:

    You are totally Amazing . Only a true Pure Heart could enjoy the enormous love you have to offer .

  • atomarane:

    Geez!!! People need to get over that word – it is defined as pertaining to the mind or soul which everyone has. Everyone is psychic but there are different levels of psychic awareness just like there are different levels of education.

    Keep true to you – you’re doing a great job.

  • TahrahStar:

    and I thank my lucky stars every day that I found you :o)

  • atomarane:

    @TahrahStar – good comments. That’s why I said I do my videos and whomever is to find them will find them – divine guidance. :)

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