Poltergeist Activity Caught On Video. REAL Ghost Caught On Tape In Kitchen.

Poltergeist activity caught on tape in kitchen: Finally, I had a camera in the right place at the right time. This paranormal activity has been occurring for a while now, but I wasn’t expecting to see this much activity caught on video. A text file containing answers to the questions I get asked most often can be downloaded here: rapidshare.com

25 Responses to “Poltergeist Activity Caught On Video. REAL Ghost Caught On Tape In Kitchen.”

  • itzamia:

    i’d be most pissed then scared having to clean up a mess everyday i didnt make…burn it down burn it all down you want to make a mess how bout a little fire scarecrow.

  • pandadardar:

    aww…all it wanted was some cereals….

  • TheJBfan062399:

    do u eve feel wierd when u know u have a poltergeist in u home?

  • acephantom903:

    Must be annoying to clean up after these events…

  • mynameisliamhahahaha:

    well, once again…atleast it aint a rapist cause ifit is ohh boy your in biigggg shit

  • pennywise69clown:

    @freakshow9807 Your comment seems to be more about a need to tell people you were a “Head Admin” (Why the capitals?) than anything else. Head admin in WHAT? Debunk fails? How do you get from a light turning on to a cut? Maybe a light just turned on. It’s impossible to say. Though there is a video shot in this kitchen from three angles that would tell you where your light came from, if you’d bothered to do a little research.

  • mellowb1rd:

    @AmayaNakashime24 No, that is not at all what they said. They said that people have uploaded videos saying that I use greenscreen suits to do this, and when it is noticed I take down MY video. They got that BS from a user called “Fuckmellowb1rd” who uploaded a video claiming to have seen a video shot in my garage (I don’t have one) where you see me in a green suit at the end. He says I then took that video down. This guy has since admitted he made it up. That is the limit of the shows “research”

  • AmayaNakashime24:

    I saw this on Paranormal files where they examine your video and immediately see faulty ways to accomplish this. They didn’t exactly say it was fake, they just said they saw too many ways they could recreate what happened and that there wasn’t much to go on. Plus, the team said that whenever people post video responses SHOWING how to make this happen, that you immediately delete them.

  • F4fullpower:

    Ghostie dont like your cutlery

  • natalencja7676:

    i m in east sussex, got something going on too. not as much as you but enough to be afraid to sleep

  • aron2454:

    great video i believe its real.

  • sandralovland:

    Soo cool! i love it!! i can see that it’s not fake!! everybody that says that it’s fake, it is not fake!! you can see that it’s not fake!!

  • onleashfreak:

    @mellowb1rd so it is fake then?

  • greentailanimations:

    why the fuck are you implying?

  • freakshow9807:

    >lights turn on halfway through
    Wow, learn to edit buddy. I’m not trying to be a massive douche, but I’ve seen better attempts at faking a video when I worked as a Head Admin. GGNORE

  • jesgy66:

    @jesgy66 Or maybe this is complete bullshit and I’m wasting my time watching this video. Who the hell knows.

  • jesgy66:

    @jesgy66 Or maybe poltergeists and spirits subscribe to the philosophy of chaotic neutrality, where anything and everything goes and morality is subjective and in the mind of the beholder.

  • jesgy66:

    If this is real, the implications are astronomical. If this is real, then how many other paranormal phenomena are real? Also, is there such a thing as evil, since poltergeists are often associated with maliciousness? What is this evil, is it the devil and demons? And if there is evil, there must also be a good side to the equation. Because without good there would be no standard or contrast by which to measure evil. Ying-yang. What is this good, is it a god?

    So many questions are raised.

  • Digeo4:

    i dont want you to get pissed off but watching paranormal files and some further research i have noticed that everything came off all together therefor it has to be connected to fishing wire and other stuff was just thrown

  • supersnorlax1:

    i believe this is real

  • Colactic1:

    I wonder how they did it

  • Bodineboin:


  • 86babbes:

    dude, weren’t you totally freaked out bij seeing this happening in your house??

  • JavezX:

    WTF is wrong with you people? its a cool video, of course its fake, but can’t you just enjoy it?

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