PLEASE HELP I need games for my Halloween Party! PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER?

There are gonna b 6 girls, 11-12, And we NEED GAMES like LIGHT AS A FEATHER, STIFF AS A BOARD! Also ARE THESE GOOD MOVIES FOR THE PARTY? We want to get our butts scared off, but not be scarred for life!!

So..GAMES and MOVIE ADVICE is what I need!!

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  • Ally:

    Movies are perfect. You can also add Prom Night.

    appple bobbing/wrapping each other in loo roll (the mummy game)/kings (all make a really gross drink or sandwhich….lay a pack of cards face down…take turns to pick up cards…if you pick up a king take a bite/gulp of the drink/food)/pinata-takes up lots of time…usually over an hour despite my violent 12 yr old foter brother having a good bash at it (lol)/haunted house (decorate an outbuilding/utility room/spare room for some safe trick or treating fun still in your own home)/pass the parcel (with dares aswell as prizes—-rope in kids to pick dares)/nightline (follow a rope blindfolded)/treasure hunt/best costume competition/dressing up game (split kids into teams and give each team a box of dress up clothing…then have rounds where the kids have to dress up as , for example, a monster family or a scene from harry potter etc…prizes for team that wins most rounds/ passing ballon through legs games, walking with balloon inbetween legs etc…

  • Purple Bandit:

    I haven’t seen it, but I heard Paranomal Activity was pretty scary.

  • rainbows are yummy >:):

    bobbing for apples is a must have :)

  • madelyn :]:

    ~see who can give eachother the scariest makeovers
    ~truth or dare & would you rather, halloween questions
    ~sit in a circle & one person (IT, in the middle) has to try and make everyone in the circle laugh or crack a smile, the next person to laugh is it.
    ~halloween scavenger hunt, set up your house all scary & make groups to & the first person to win picks the movie
    ~kareoke* to halloween songs
    ~ding dong ditch in halloween costumes
    ~costume judging
    ~candy trading

    ~friday the 13th(s)
    ~nightmare on elm street(s)
    ~pet cemetary
    ~the shining
    ~a haunting in conneticut

    goodluck, get scared & have fun!

  • hunter:

    If you haven’t seen Disturbia, watch that. Its good cause you’ll be good and scared but because it has a good ending you probably won’t be ‘scarred for life’. And you’ve got sexy Shia LeBeouf to look at for the whole movie!! I thought when a stranger calls was really bad, I haven’t seen a haunting in connecticut, but I heard it was kind of disturbing… you might be really creeped out that night.

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