Part 2 A Story for Easter Golden Frogs

In Devonshire, England a half forgotten legend of the Golden Frogs comes to light once more with the appearance of strange coloured golden, pink, white and orange frogs throughout the area. Herpetologists and naturalists claim global warming or inbreeding could be to blame for this colour morphing, but cryptozoologists Jon Downes and Richard Freeman set out to prove that the ancient legend is based on truth and that this is no new phenomenon.

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  • hellblazerr2002:

    (Okay before I even say this…yes I know that frogs come in other colors than green lol) Allright, that being said maybe the first question that should be asked is why are the frogs there normaly green. Wether the answer to that is genetics or environmental(camoflauge for instance) then we may be able to figure out what the new color represents to the species. Think of it like trying to figure out why a tree leaf turned red durring fall.

  • sclovin:

    If this has been happening since the 15th century (1400’s) how can it possibly be caused by Global Warming?

  • KingFluffs:

    first comment yaya

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