paranormal creatures part 1

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  • KavonSukram:

    Whereever you all do have these pics they r fantastic and I like the combination of nice music/sounds & incredible pics, even knowing that a lot of ’em r fake, many of ’em r reality & some of ’em could b true.
    So thx a lot 4 loading this up and show the people what cracy things do/can happen in nature.
    Like it !!!
    (wrote the same under a lot of Vids)

  • jamielh0724:


  • kennythekat1:

    have you noticted that most of these wonderful critters belong in the ocean

  • flamingflame7:

    funkeyxfreash that’s so true

  • flamingflame7:

    people taday found creators that were probably here for as longe as the dinoursours were here or these pictures are fake

  • SeattleSk8rChick:

    Gotta Cath Em All……POKEMON! JK XD!!

  • funkyxfresh21:

    the one at 1:43 is fake that is dead monkey inside a fishes body

  • 1337spb:

    If you are interested in the occult then check my vid which explains how to hallucinate strange and mythical beings without drugs.

  • DnBclowny:

    Fugly cat wow what a name

  • TheSCMooon:

    those mairmaids are faked look they are puppets if that was a real mermaid 1:27
    she hadnt got hairs i mean look at her body

  • dorsetghost:

    if you want to know the truth, If ghosts really exist? Please join us on our journey, we are 2 men on a mission all alone. We have done 16 episodes in the most scariest places in England so far and you can watch everything on our website and youtube channel,
    Please subscribe to our youtube channel if you are interested in the paranormal.
    Thank You
    Glen and Ahmed

    dorsetghostinvestigators com

  • MacZambrottVEVO:

    where is Lady Gaga in this video?

  • Bravielon20:

    /watch?v=6NI_asCvdvg watch this

  • dragon26463:

    I scared my friend with this video I got a nice laugh out of it

  • halowraith1:

    @SuperPavian NOT

  • littleman12ish:

    I like the fugly dog n cat

  • malfunctiondown:

    The music is a tad boring.

  • JMJMadParanormal:

    my toilet has seen scarier things.

  • abluvhorses:

    I think I like that these things haven’t been figured out yet. If they were, we’d have nothing to talk about!!

  • jennibird209:

    0:50 IS REAL

  • Daverothens:

    Crazy Creature!!!!!

  • djpuppygirl:

    how is a shark a paranormal creature?

  • Daverothens:


  • xxxchuckyluvxxx:

    i luv that song wats it called?

  • BrainMaster1000:

    (pt 2)and ever since then…..HE PLAYS THIS SONG WHILE HES TORMENTING THE PERSON HE CAPTURED!!!pretty scary hu?….and you wanna know whats scarer than that storie?…..(whisper)get closer….much much closer than that….your gonna have to get even closer than that if you wanna hear the secret….IT WAS BASED ON A TRUE STORIE!!!!MWA HA HA HA!!!!AND NOW HES GONNA GET YOOOUUUU!!!!pretty scary stuff hu?

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