82 thoughts on “Original Halloween Movie 1978 Trailer John Carpenter

  1. [..YouTube..] Dude u suck so much ass u fuckin bitch Michael Myers is cool but he would not beat Jason He’d get his ass handed to him

  2. [..YouTube..] michael has the best original movie, but the sequels to friday the 13th were better than those crappy halloween ones. especially the last one, where rapper what’s his name is cast. the only decent sequel is h20.

  3. [..YouTube..] @badturkali WRONG!Wheres the proof!Jason is alright and michael is alright but michael will win!Especially the new one holy shit he will terrorize jason!Ur dumbass nedds to get your facts right!

  4. [..YouTube..] @Haystackz123
    Who are you to call me a dumbass, shithead? -_- plus what were you doing looking at a comment I posted a month ago? What does it matter? I was just saying what I thought about the new Halloween movies compared to the classic one. If you think the new ones beat out the classics, you need to learn what good movies are obviously. Learn to accept other people’s opinions and not have to get your way on things. Fuck off and grow up. True, Michael was huge, but he was predictable.

  5. [..YouTube..] If anyone is predictable, its jason.jason is a complete knock off of myers, clearly. the only reason myers became predictable was because after halloween 3, the movies went downhill and myers was old and washed up. carpenter wanted to end the story with the first halloween but got pressured into writing the second (which isnt that bad).

  6. [..YouTube..] if dumbass people didnt try to carry on the myers legacy with stupid ass storylines, then we wouldnt have people saying friday the 13th is better than halloween. thats why zombie did an amazing job at refreshing our memories of how scary michael myers really is. fuck friday the 13th, it was horrible when it started. fuck some deformed dude in a hockey mask who cant swim. complete garbage.

  7. [..YouTube..] This is by far the best Horror Movie ever made John Carpenter did an amazing job i remeber seeing this Movie when i was 7 years old on Halloween night it scared the shit out of me can’t be the classics like this movie….

  8. [..YouTube..] That movie scares. And w/o any blood. Zombie’s version was a joke. it would be like if someone remade “Jaws” and we had to spend half the movie watching the shark grow up.

  9. [..YouTube..] i agree with you people need to accept other people’s opinions but u just said if Haystackz123 thinks the new ones beat the classics then he/she needs to learn what a good movie is. im not trying to fight with u but i just noticed that you wernt taking ur own advice becuz u said: learn to accept other people’s opinions and not have to get your way on things. they could think that the new ones r better and u could think the oppisit. im not trying to agrue with u or get in a fight.

  10. [..YouTube..] john carpenters halloween 1 and two suck big elephant dicks rob zombies halloween 1 and 2 are fuckin awesome and john carpenters sucks also

  11. [..YouTube..] oh yeah they wouldnt get tyler mane and they New leatherface they would get to people who had no business and come up with a retared unrealistic story

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