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  1. [..YouTube..] Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies made Michael look like a typical psycho killer…because he made Michael’s life shit in the movie. John Carpenter’s Halloween on the other hand was better to me because it never explains why he did all the things he did. It leaves you wondering whether he was even human and made Michael seem pure evil. In my opinion, the 1978 Halloween beats Rob Zombie’s tenfold. I watched this when I was 10 and it scared the crap outta me. The music in the movie added to the scare.

  2. [..YouTube..] Well said my friend. To think Halloween was actually an independent film at the time. The Shining to me was just weird, The Exorcist would be 2nd in my list of favorite horror movies (after this movie), and John Carpenter’s The Thing was good…but it doesn’t quite measure up to the greatness that is Halloween. A movie like this classic will never be forgotten. The music scores added to the scare in the movie, especially the Halloween theme. Rob Zombie’s remakes have nothing on this movie.

  3. [..YouTube..] The original absolutely shits all over Rob Zombies version. Where did he come up with another 12 fucking characters to kill? Without all those added murders his would be nothing. The original is way creepier and more terrifying.

  4. [..YouTube..] FACT:did you know that the way that Micheal kill s his sister (down and back up) with his mask on (Halloween 1978) and the girl sit there dos nothing at all{ same thing happens in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho 1960 when normen bates kills the woman in the shower.

  5. [..YouTube..] the original 2 will always be the best.
    rob zombie’s michael myers isnt even michael myers, its a guy with a beard who looks like a redneck, and the teenagers he puts in the movie are Soo anoying. horrible acting on rob zombies
    great acting on john carpenter and Awesome michael myers on john carpenter’s. This Halloween and Halloween II are way more suspensful and scary.

  6. [..YouTube..] yes Jason is untouchable..he can’t really be hurt…he doesn’t show any emotion…he’s an unstoppable monster…which is what makes his character boring

  7. [..YouTube..] Halloween is not like any other slasher

    slasher movies are usually cheesy but HALLOWEEN is critically acclaimed and also copied a lot

    it’s a masterpiece

    and i’m not a slasher guy

  8. [..YouTube..] mickeal is better no talking no emotion no human feels
    it’s the evil but sometime he turns the head like he has an emotion but evil comes back again

  9. [..YouTube..] One of my favourite movies. Im a huge fan of halloween. Im hoping i can see h2 soon :) Also this movie might not be as scary as h2 and the beginning but that is because this one didnt have advanced technolegy :)

  10. [..YouTube..] It’s extremely dark though I couldn’t really see what was going on and as I’ve never actually seen the original movie I was like ?? I don’t know whats happening but taking an educated guess I’d say he’s chasing her.

  11. [..YouTube..] the one.. the only.. the CLASSIC! still the best halloween movie. this version of michael myers is the scariest one. the shape as they call him, much more creepy here. but in real he is just a nice man, met him back in 2008 on a horror convention, very down to earth guy. my all time fav. horror movie.

  12. [..YouTube..] cant stand how they butchered Michael, or made all the scenes in the remake Halloween overly gory, watching him stab the nurse to death or other people, just watched it saying “that’s excessive” and you could pretty much guess what was going to happen in each scene, couldn’t do it in the originals when i first watched them

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