Need fun ideas and adult games for a halloween party….?

All of us at the party are atleast 18 and older. Even though we have fun regularly, some fun games that are our age would be fun and any other ideas to have a great time. Some couples will be there and singles. Show fun games, try not to go overboard with to explicit.

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  • shellysue1112:

    Pair game: Lusting for apples–hang apples on string, one person holds string, the other has to eat the apple to the core, with no hands (thats the trick..the apple swings all over while they try to eat it unless they are skilled)

    Pair/Group game: Mummy Wrap–have 1 roll of toilet paper per team. Whoever can wrap their ‘mummy’ the fastest wins (must be out of TP)

    Musical tombstones-set up tombstones in yard/house…play music..when stop, everyone must be behind a tombstone (like musical chairs, just better themed)

    Pass the Pumpkin–pass a small pumpkin (gourd) neck to hands…

    Have fun!

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