Need a play with a horror theme for Halloween (for high school performing arts department)?

The play can be a comedy or drama or musical.
Do you think Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Musical would be suitable for high school students to perform and see? I know the local university staged it several years ago. What plays could you recommend? Thanks!

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  • Orláith M:

    Little Shop of Horrors is appropriate.

    Or High School musical. It’s HORRIBLE.

  • kevin k:

    I would suggest Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It’s a perfect horror story. Sweeney Todd aka Benjamin Barker is a man who comes back to London seeking revenge. He meets up with Mrs. Lovett. He wants to kill the judge for what he has done to Sweeney’s family. And Mrs. Lovett turns the men that Sweeney kills into meat pies.

    And I would also suggest And Then There Were None. These 10 people come to an island for a weekend and 1 by 1 they all die. And one of the people is the killer. They die in this order: 1. Anthony Marsdon-poison in his drink (I played him). 2. Mrs. Rogers-poisoned in her sleep 3.General McKenzie-stabbed 4. Mr. Rogers-axe to the head 5.Emily Brent-injected with poison. 6. Justice Wargrave-shot in the head (fakes his death) 7. Dr. Armstrong-drowned 8. Detective Blore-crushed 9.Captain Lombard-shot by Vera 10. Vera Claythorn hung by Wargrave.

  • broadwaybound:

    Rocky Horror for high school? There is no way a schoolboard would let a high school do it. Little Shop of Horrors not only would be great for Halloween,but is a great show for high schools due to the simplicity and cast size.

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