My Love for Shaky Cam Horror

Yes, I talk about shaky cam horror and other movies and things. The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism. Haunted houses get talked about meaning haunted attractions, NOT like REAL haunted houses. So yeah, its the weekend which is great too!

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  • TheeOneWhoTalks:

    @buckyourfandwidth That’s so awesome!! I kinda love Zooey Deshanel, almost as much as Megan Fox. And I agree, Canada is like the coolest place ever, need to at least go there once sometime.

  • buckyourfandwidth:

    I watched 500 days of summer yesterday too! oh my bajesus! I want to move to canada I’m starting to hate america. especially the people everyone is a douche fuck face

  • LauraView:

    Hehe… I do not like horror movies… at all :P But to be honest I watched The Blair Witch Project once and I just found it funny xD Seriously though… Just the adverts from most horror movies have me struggling to sleep DX

  • HalfNakedFelipe:

    I love shaky cam flicks too. My film professor says it’s just a talentless way to draw an audience in, but I think audiences today are too used to narrative style in horror movies to be truly scared by it anymore. I’m pretty sure my old senile professor’s just close-minded of a new genre that he doesn’t understand.

  • EternalPassageway:

    @TheeOneWhoTalks Its also the cheapest movie ever made xD 10,000 $ budget

  • TheeOneWhoTalks:

    @EternalPassageway I agree with the Blair Witch thoughts, for me thats the epidemy of scary in movie form.

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