5 thoughts on “my 12 year old want a scary halloween party, im looking for ideas for food and games?

  1. A good place for a scary party would be a basement. Dungeon like.
    Have lots of cobwebs and creepy music.

    Peeled grapes (eyes)
    Spider hotdogs
    Blood Red Friuit Juice

    Scariest costume

    Mummy game-
    Put into nteams and give them a couple of rolls of toilet paper,
    and the team has to wrap one person up in toilet paper in 1.00
    best mummy wins.

  2. You could tell scary stories like i heard one about a china doll and i have one similar to it, personally i think mine is better because it has more detail. Here it is.
    Once there was an 11 year old girl named Jennifer. Her Aunt gave her a Barbie doll that weekend for her birthday, She thought that the Barbie was ugly so after her aunt left she threw it in the back of her downstairs closet and just left it there. 2 nights later, while she was trying to fall asleep she heard a female voice saying, Jennifer i’m in the closet, Jennifer i’m in your living room, Jennifer i’m in your kitchen, Jennifer i’m on the first step, Jennifer i’m on the second step Jennifer i’m on the third step, Jennifer i’m up stairs, Jennifer i’m in the hall way, Jennifer im in your parents room, Jennifer i got your parents, Jennifer im in your brothers room, Jennifer i got your brother, Jennifer im in your sisters room, Jennifer i got your sister, Jennifer im in the hall way, Jennifer im in your door way, Jennifer im in your room, Jennifer im on your bed, Jennifer, And when she looked up the doll stabbed her and said GOT YA.
    Hope you liked the story and please consider using it. oh and wen you say GOT YA yell it and grab onto a friend it will scare them, Im 12 too and i did it to my friend named Karlie and i scared her so bad she cried a little bit but after a few seconds started laughing.

  3. Audio ghost stories, a scary DVD, and for your haunted house audio sound effect on a CD. See online websites below.

    for a 12 year old don’t go too scary or you will have sensitive scared children. I would lean towards the black and white dracula films etc.

  4. First you need Dry ice you can find in phone book or a good grocery store.You add to poweraid,koolaid,applejuice.Nothing already carbonated the ice does it for you the smoke is so cool no matter what age.Then you need to go to Get some teeth and put in watermelon.Put teeth close enought to hold in candy or fresh fruit it makes a cool display.And dont forget to use some in pumpkins they are the hit of the party!! since they are not in stores yet!Then play pass spagetti for intestines and small hard boiled eggs for eyes etc.While you tell a scary story in the dark.My mom did this when we were kids and 30 yrs later i still remeber!Good luck and happy halloween….Order soon we ship same day!!so theres still time….bob

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