Mothman’s Photographer: John Keel on Mothman w/ Andy Colvin (pt.2)

In 2003, Andy Colvin interviewed John Keel on all things Mothy. For more info on the Mothman’s Photographer series or book trilogy, visit or search eBay for special offers.

2 Responses to “Mothman’s Photographer: John Keel on Mothman w/ Andy Colvin (pt.2)”

  • slobomotion:

    Uprated and shared. I knew a woman who’d seen Mothman (she claimed) in W VA in the early ’60s I believe. Red glowing eyes, looking in a window at her at night, up more than a story. There were footprints of some sort in the snow below the window and it must have flown up there? Her family ridiculed her and she was young when she saw it but she was very clear on what she told me. The house was near woods, rural area. Escaped mutant, I’ve heard.

  • Kensethrulz17:

    I come from WV and visit Point Pleasant once a month because I believe in these stories and I agree with a lot of what Mr. Keel and Mr. Colvin say. Mothman’s Photographer is a VERY interesting video and I met Mr. Colvin at the festival last year and he was a very nice and wise man!

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