the rules…

Any of our staff can refuse admittance to anyone at any time for any reason. It usually is a good reason though.

No touching of the actors, props, equipment, etc. Do Not Touch Anything. We may brush against you but we will not push, hit, swing, rub, pull, or any other activity that is not brushing.

No running and no falling down on purpose. Now if we scare you so bad that you fall down then- our bad.

No weapons, open flames (that means cigarettes too), alcohol, illegal drugs, beverages, food, flashlights, cameras, cell phones-or anything to light up your path. No-No.

No refunds of any kind. You are paying us to give you nightmares and that is why you are here. Just hang on tight.

We are not responsible for lost or broken items. You’re going to be in the woods so dress the part.

You will be scared, there will be tight spots, there will be strobe lights and black lights, at times you will be distorted and dizzy, you may even seem out of your mind…but our staff are professional and will be glad to escort you to the end if you can’t take it anymore. But that’s no fun.

This is an intense haunt and children under the age of 12 must be with an adult.

If you have any health conditions or are taking any medicines that may affect your heart, back, breathing, or brain then you may want to sit this one out. We effect all of your senses.

We may use your photos, video, or sounds as clean marketing material. Then you’ll be famous and all your friends can make fun of you.

Anyone who breaks any of these rules will be escorted out by any of THH Staff