Are you ready for an unforgettable journey of horror and fright?

Are you ready for our house of horror? Our Carnival of the Macabre? Our Maze of Morbidity? Get ready boys and girls for the ULTIMATE in fear… Twisted Haunted House! It’s a 6,000 sq ft fortress of frights and fears! Inside these haunted corridors you will see all the delightful parts of our collection… if you make it through to the end, that is! So, bring your friends, come on in, and take the tour… if you dare.

image We’re conveniently located at 209 West 2nd Street in Dixon, Missouri at the southeast corner of Dixon in the two Story Building next to the Lumber Yard; just 2 blocks from Delano’s Service Station in Dixon We are 13 miles north of I-44 on Hwy 28 off exit 163.

There is plenty of FREE parking and indoor waiting areas away from the elements. The entire Haunt is indoor so don’t let the weather deter you. We’re open rain or shine! Plus, there will be Concessions Sold on site! We will have Pizza from Dominos; the drinks are from Pepsi, Rock star, Amp’s Energy drinks, Chips, Candy Bars, Hot Cocoa, Ect…

Visit our Friends @ Ozarks Nightmare’s Haunted House and Costume shop (Lebanon Mo.) They have all your Halloween needs! Hundreds of costumes and masks, make-up, props, decorations, accessories, special effects, party supplies, magic and gags.

We will be open Friday & Saturday nights from 7:00 pm – 1:00 am and 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Thursdays starting September 17th. We will also be open Thursday’s & Sunday’s from 5:00 – 7:00 pm for Lights-On Tours and 6:00 – 7:00 pm for our glow. The week of  Halloween we will be open Sunday to Sunday. Normal Haunt Hours this week! Keep checking our website for specials that will be going on throughout October! Be sure to leave your comments and Pictures for a chance to “WIN” Free tickets and other prizes!

Twisted Haunted House is in partnership with Ozarks Night Mares (Lebanon Mo.) Their Haunt  includes a costume store. Their Costume Shop has a huge selection of Halloween items at great prices. Home haunters will find haunted house props on display too. Ozarks Night Mares will be open: Please See their WEBSITE. For all Details for days and times for both their haunt and their costume shop!

Where are you located?
We’re conveniently located at 209 west 2md Street. Dixon Missouri 65459

Are there bathrooms at Twisted Haunted House?
Unfortunately There are “NO PUBLIC” Restrooms! There will be Port-a-Potty’s on Location!

Are you handicap accessible?
NO.  although Most of our Haunt seems to be wide enough for it to be a Handicap Friendly Haunt,  Unfortunately we do have 2 sets of Stairs. If you are in need of Assistance please let a member of  our staff know and we will do what we can to Accommodate you!

Are you open if it rains?
Twisted Haunted House is an all indoor Haunt. We will be open and running regardless of the weather.

Do you serve food?
We have do have a concessions Stand! We will be serving Pizza (From Dominos Pizza) (Soda From Pepsi) also Energy Drinks Like (Rockstars and AMP’D), Hot Coco, Assorted candy bars and chips for guests to purchase.

Is there a fee for parking?
No. There is Public Parking in the Streets and there is other parking around the haunt!  There is a large grassed area across from the haunt that could be used for parking as well. Parking is always free as its public Street Parking and other areas around the haunt!.

What are your ticket prices?
General Admission is $10.00 regardless of age.
Speed Pass Ticketing Admission is $15.00
Thursday’s & Sunday’s are our Lights-On Event! Admission is $10.00 good on Thursday’s & Sunday’s only! Hours are from 5 pm-6 pm. Each adult ticket purchased we will also admit 2 children under 12 for FREE! For Each additional child or if your child is over 12 (He or She) will be required to purchase an additional Lights-On admission ticket.  Thursday’s & Sunday’s Nights we also offer a Glow Through!   Admission for that event is $10.00 regardless of age. Glow Products will be on sale at the Haunt  That Evening! Glow Product MUST be Purchased @ the Haunt!

What are Speed Pass Tickets?
Twisted Haunted House offers speed pass Ticketing admission online for $15.00  if purchased at the haunt the day of the event ($18.00) To save money and time buy on-line!. Speed pass Ticketing allows you to jump ahead to the front of the line so you can skip the waiting in long lines. Simply purchase your ticket, print it, and bring the ticket with you to Twisted Haunted House,. Present the ticket at the Ticket counter and our host will escort you to the front of the line. HURRY up and get yours today and AVOID the lines!!

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards. We also accept CASH, of course. We do not accept personal checks. There is a $1.25 convenience fee per ticket from “Click-n-Print tickets” for tickets purchased online!

Are discounts available?
We offer a $3.00 off admission, For anyone bringing in 5 or more can’s of  non- perishable food items in the month of October! .

If I chicken out, will I get my money back?
Unfortunately we DO NOT OFFER  refunds of any kind for any REASON!

Is it very scary?
The very purpose of our haunt is to scare and frighten you! However we want you to be entertained too. Expect lots of fun, screams, frights, and laughs too.

How long does the tour take?
This will be a self guided tour through, Twisted Haunted House. It will last approximately 35 – 45 minutes or longer… if you make it to the end that is!

The earlier the better to avoid long lines. To guarantee admission when you arrive, purchase your tickets right away or buy them on line before hand! Or better yet buy your Speed Pass Tickets and go straight to the FRONT OF THE LINE!!!

Will the monsters touch me?
The ghouls, ghosts, and goblins are there to scare and frighten. They will not touch or grab you. However, because of the nature of the attraction, occasionally guests may accidentally run into the monsters or each other. Most of the haunt is dark and there are parts of the haunt that have tight passageways so contact can and does occur. However, we try to keep it to a minimum. Please let us know if there are any problems that you have in the haunt and we will work quickly to address it.

Can I touch the monsters?
We don’t want anyone hurt during the tour. Please don’t touch, grab, or punch any of the monsters and they won’t touch you. Also, please do not damage the props and other items in the haunt. If you are caught damaging or just being destructive you will be held responsible for the cost to replace anything that might have damaged!  Have fun and let everyone else have fun too.

Can I get out of line and get back in my place?
Once you leave the line, you must go back to the end of the line. This will be strictly enforced. We want the haunt to be fun and fair for everyone. The only exceptions are to use the restroom facilities. Please feel free to shop for one of our shirts or glow items, Glow sticks, bracelets, necklace, rings ect… before or after you attend the haunt. “Glow Items only available on certin days

Is Twisted Haunted House appropriate for young children?
The Haunt is meant to be scary. Therefore, parents must consider each child’s “fear tolerance” before attending. We would suggest that no one under 12 should attend Twisted Haunted House, although there is no age limit to our event. We will not be responsible for nightmares!

There are hand signals that are used if the haunt becomes too intense. If the hand signals are shown, a staffer will escort your group to the nearest exit.

For children younger than 12, we offer Lights-On event Thursdays & Sundays.  Lights-On is from 5:00 – 6:00 pm for a lights-on tour of Twisted Haunted House. We also have the GLOW Through Thursdays & Sundays from 6 – 7 pm where lights are off  But the Glow Sticks Are GLOWING BRIGHT and  the monsters are kid-friendly. See below for details.

What is Lights-On Thursdays & Sundays?
Younger children and their parents can attend on Sundays from 5:00 – 6:00 pm for a lights-on tour of Twisted Haunted House. We will have all of the lights on and there will be no monsters and beasts during the tour. It’s a great opportunity for the young ones to enjoy a haunted attraction without the fear of the dark or of being surprised. It’s also a wonderful way to see all the detail and work that’s involved in the artwork, design and, creation of a haunted attraction.

The Lights-On Tour admission is only $10.00 for an adult. Every paid adult ticket will admit one adult along with two children under 12 for free. Additional children or children over 12 will be required to purchase an adult ticket. All children must be accompanied by an adult to participate in Lights-On.

What is GLOW Through Thursdays & Sunday?
For braver children and their parents, We  offer our Glow Through on Thursdays & Sundays  nights from 6:00 -:7:00 pm. It’s a toned-down version of our Haunt. The lights will be off and the GLOW Sticks will help to guide your way through the Haunt, all of the effects will be running, however, the monsters and beasts will be a little more friendly  and will adjust their fright depending on the age and fear-threshold of your children. GLOW  Through tickets are $10.00 per person regardless of age.

Where can I wait for my children?
The haunt exit is right by the entrance you are more than welcome to wait there for them But watch out for the Monsters patrolling the area! “If your there anyone is FAIR GAME!

Can I take photos or video?
No photography or video is allowed during your time in the Haunt. It’s disruptive and you risk your camera or cell phone being Confiscated, being bumped or dropped in the dark by someone or something. We do not take responsibility to damage done to cameras or cell phones being used during the haunt and if you are caught the item will be taken away and you can pick it up at the end of the event!.

Can wear costumes or masks inside Twisted Haunted House?
For your safety and the safety of others, we request you not bring costumes, masks, props, or similar items to our Event. Leave the Scaring up to us!

Can we bring pets, weapons, flashlights, or alcoholic beverages?
No!!    Come on people why would we let you do something like that? the only light allowed at or in the haunt is the Glow lights we Sell. If you are Caught with ANY of the ABOVE mentioned Contra-ban it will be Confiscated from you and as long as its legal returned to you at the end of the night!

Will there be security there?
We take your safety seriously so that you can relax and enjoy the haunt. We will have police officers patrolling the haunt as well as our own security at all times during operation. Security will be at the entrance to the haunt and one will patrol the haunt itself! The entrance to haunt will be well lit. We will also have security cameras inside and outside of the Haunt attraction.

Can I work at Twisted Haunted House?
Yes. Please CONTACT US for more information  or you can call us at: Jason-815-708-5535  or Adam-573-337-0056 We look forward to your Screams in 2010!!