MonsterQuest Season 2 Episode 4 – Ohio Grassman Part 2/3

Part 2 Just miles from the industrial cities of Ohio, there is a bogeyman that has terrified local children for over a century. According to stories and sightings, the Grassman is similar to a Bigfoot, but builds strange nests and has been known to attack. Can science help explain this creature? Is a primate skull, a strange print and a new video the first direct proof behind the legendary Grassman? We’ll sift through the existing evidence and take to the skies in a search for what is stalking Ohio.

6 Responses to “MonsterQuest Season 2 Episode 4 – Ohio Grassman Part 2/3”

  • gregtool9:

    To all skeptics or should I say, people who aren’t comfortable with things they don’t understand….DERMAL RIDGES, hellooooooo. No proof? Dermal ridges, “they can’t exist” oh yea? how about dermal ridges, “I don’t beleive in bigfoot.” Really? well to that I might just have to say DERMAL f^%$^ing Ridges!!!

  • youronlinesniper:

    @Area51T It’s not, cancelled half a year ago.

  • hickboy360:

    im a sasquatch believer so i love this show for these ones

  • Area51T:

    Hard to believe this show is still on the air…

  • WaybackMachine1:

    Why in the hell do most of these type shows always investigate in the winter in some of the worse type weather?

  • xlz75:

    it’s an alien

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