MonsterQuest s01e1 – part1 – America’s Loch Ness Monster

Episode 1 of History Channel's Monster Quest Series. Check for more videos from the same series.

25 Responses to “MonsterQuest s01e1 – part1 – America’s Loch Ness Monster”

  • seko24041973:

    the mansi photo is a misidentification! it’s actually a bird in flight, but the impression … and sandra mansi use this optical effect for publicity. if i, and everybody would, got this amazing encounter by snapshot, i would know that the best proof is the negative but sandra throw it away?…oh please mrs mansi, but i believe in these creatures!

  • TheAchilles1985:

    I’m sure that those monsters are real.
    Anything can survive in the depth of the oceans we have no idea what kind of beast are down there and if all the lakes are connected somewere its only normal that from time to times on of then pups up.

  • Darkchief119:

    No its not

  • seko24041973:

    there is the b/w photo of a cadborosaur that was found in stomach of a sperm whale; this creature had a downwards bended snout! same bended snout has the animal which was kept on photo deep underwater by a automatic-cam-system in loch ness! now look at flamingos. they’ve same snout to got better their food from the bottom. maybe these creatures are feeding from lake bottom. so they spend most of their time on lake bottom and are rarely seen….. ;-) (q.e.d…………………..!)

  • Nickmorama:

    stupid ppl , picture at 0.08 is a fucking elephant

  • zakarias1886:

    i totaly agree with hiphop2187.. what a dumb bitch !

  • seasonticket101:

    I live on lake Champlane but I have never seen it

  • shimmergirl4429:

    The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is a Plesiosaur. Just look at the resemblence! Also, leave Nessie alone if you care about privacy!

  • alisonhol2003:

    I don’t know why the comment was removed, but don’t worry.

  • cuteboblehead:

    @alisonhol2003 wtf?comment removed and -2?

  • alisonhol2003:

    I think the narrator was also talking about the sightings from loch ness.

  • alisonhol2003:

    Maybe they were doing a reconstruction of what happened. I might be wrong.

  • sandythebear:

    that car is not from 1977

  • Slafko95:

    aahhhh i love these animations

  • hiphop2187:

    if she was right there 4 5 min why didnt she take more pictures

  • KingFluffs:

    if you do get it good luck tranporting it. theres a law protecting any unknow animals found within the lake. If you try and take the body out the army have permission to use deadly force to stop you.

  • pimpcat98:

    2:56 its fat i can tell u that

  • somepigsneverlearn:

    Some day, I’m gonna go boom fishing in Loch Ness, just to see if I can’t land the Loch Ness Monster.

  • lilwayne24614109:

    look at 11 seconds you can see the loch ness monster…..NO LIE!!!!!!!

  • BLiNdZoRz:

    it escaped from the zoo.

  • chickenbuttable:

    ok she may be parinoid but your ingnorant, how the hell did a damn elephant get in a lake in new england?

  • BLiNdZoRz:

    That woman is paranoid. She saw an elephant drowning, not a loch ness monster.

  • drukien:

    im gonna get this series. i DO belive in monsters.

  • Kittho98:

    i agree with blogdud3

  • BloGDuD3:

    i belive! i believe!

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